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Travel to Paris

Paris has become a attractive destination in the world. Thousands of tourists have visited the city annually. To get a memorable vacation in Paris France, knowing the well-informed and expected things is usefulness that helps you decide when to go there.

Let’s talk about the seasons in Paris for you decide when to go there. Knowing them will give you ideas of the things that you can enjoy every season.

• Spring: This season is best for first-timers. You will enjoy the sight of lush horse chestnut trees and the blossoming flowers in many parks around the city. It will be easier to walk along the streets because they are not crowded with tourists. Take a stroll at Champs Elysees. You might also want to have fun playing tennis at the French Open. The problem during this season is the weather. It’s so unpredictable. One day it’s sunny, the next morning, it’s rainy, windy, and cold. Spring stretches from March to May.

• Summer: During summer Paris is very crowded with tourists. Hotel rates are pricey and expect long lines. But the good thing is there are many well- planned activities made by the officials in the city. These activities are designed to make the visit of tourists to be exciting and memorable. The weather is fairly hot. It stretches from June to August.

• Fall: The weather is mild and dry. There’s no huge crowd. You’ll see more Parisians who just arrived from summer getaways. You can also enjoy lower prices.

• Winter: The weather can get really cold. You cannot see the real beauty of the city during this time of the year. But you can enjoy winter food and drinks like vin cahud and cassoulet. The prices are at their lowest so you can save big.

If you have made up your mind, then pack your things and get ready. Enjoy your trip to Paris!

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