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Travel To Prague

Prague is situated in central Europe which makes it a convenient location from all major European cities. Its excellent rail connection system with the rest of Europe makes it an ideal location for Europeans in search of a city break.
Capital of the Czech Republic, with a land mass which covers 200 sq miles, Prague is a rapidly expanding city, with a great range of historical architecture and historical monuments displaying the history of the Czech people. Prague has a population of just over one million – and recently became a member of the EU.
It’s main airport, Ruzyne Airport, is Pragues’ only international airport and is situated 10 miles northwest of the city. Regular buses leave the arrivals building and take thirty minutes to the city hcentre.
The best and quickest way of travelling around Prague is by metro. The metro is also the most comfortable transport system and is very straightforward with clear easy-to understand signs. Other methods of travelling around the city include a good tram system and a bus service to the outer regions of Prague.
Most sites worth viewing are situated in the centre of the city, whic is the historic area of Prague. Prague has over twenty large museums and hundreds of fine art galleries for tourists to view. Its museums give a fascinating insight into the history of the Czech people.
Also situated in the centre of Prague are the cities most lush gardens and palaces. Prague castle overlooks the city and still remains in good shape after centuries of wars and invasions. The river Vltava runs through the centre of Prague with boating trips providing an ideal way of exploring many of Prague’s historic parts. These trips only run through the summer months.
The winter months in Prague can become extremely cold, while the summer remains warm and mild. Rainfall in Prague is plentiful during the months of October and November. Snow falls can get quite heavy, but never too extreme. If you are lucky enough to be in Prague after a snow fall, the early morning light shining on the snow turns the city into a magical place.
Prague has become one of Europe’s most visited cities. Most of the good hotels are found near the city centre and range from large international hotel chains to smaller more exclusive old-fashioned Czech hotels. Hostels are rare in Prague, but some travel agencies offer cheap rooms in private dwellings.
Prague has a large variety of restaurants which are located mainly near the city centre. The cuisine in Prague is similar to that of central Europe, dishes contain large portions of meat, mainly beef or pork, and are served with potatoes or rice. On special occasions game is normally served as a main course. Czech beers are famous around the world, and accompany a meal very well.
A cheap city to visit, and well known for its artistic heritage, Prague will offer you a memorable and rewarding trip.

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