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Travelling to Dubai

In the past decades Dubai has become a vacation paradise satisfying travelers with white beaches, fine hotels and a shopper’s paradise. Additionally, it provides safety beyond that of most international cities. Here is a city that yields a fascinating history emanating from small fishing villages about four thousand years ago; the natural harbor was probably an active port on an ancient trade route. By 1870, Dubai was the foremost port on the Gulf coast and by around 1900 it had the largest souks in Arabia. During its history, one of Dubai’s chief enterprises was pearling; however, that industry surrendered to the cultured pearl in the early 1900s. Now, there are prosperous ventures on the Dubai gold and commodities exchange which began trading in 2005 and continues to expand. In addition to beaches and shopping, visitors are encouraged to inspect historical forts, mosques and palaces. There is much to do and see in the metropolis that is Dubai.

Flying from the United Kingdom to Dubai is easy these days and you can fly direct from most major UK airports. Emirates Airlines is the largest airline at Dubai International Airport and it operates out of the UK; the other major airline is Flydubai, which is a low-cost company offering cheap flights to Dubai with services out of Europe. If Cheap Flights Dubai is the banner of operation most major UK carriers have flights you can use.

The periods during our summer (June through August) as well as December and January are inclined to be the most expensive to ticket. Interestingly, costs to the UAE are regulated, so there are no last minute deals. The earlier the flight is booked, the better the price. It is as simple as that.

Dubai International Airport became one of the busiest airports in the Middle East in the middle of this decade; however, transportation to and from the airport remains relatively cheap. There are municipality buses, airport buses and taxis. Moreover, most of the hotels on Jumeirah Beach offer free transportation to and from the airport.

One last reason to pursue a cheap flight to Dubai is the burgeoning medical tourism which appeals to patients who travel because of high costs or over-crowded health care systems at home. Dubai has joined several Asian countries providing services especially for cosmetic procedures. It appears that it is a small step from sumptuous resorts to the shining medical facilities of Dubai.


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