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Travelling to Lisbon

The capital of Portugal is Lisbon. Lisbon is one of the richest parts of Portugal. If you’re looking to travel around all the Europe capitals then booking a cheap flight to Lisbon to start off with is recommended.

Lisbon has around a 3,000-year history; this means that Lisbon has its share of legends and myths. But also another popular history of Lisbon the city’s origins, Folklore believed that Lisbon was originally founded by Ulysses, a Greek king.

Lisbon is most commonly known as the city of funiculars. When you reach the airport, you can easily travel to the city centre in a taxi cab. There are many kiosks around the airport called Ask Me, if you encountering a problem at your arrival in Lisbon, which is highly unlikely. There will be maps and other brochures available for you to use, they can be found at the kiosk or on stands around the airport.

When you visit Lisbon this not the only city you can go to, from Lisbon you can easily catch a train to Porto and Coimbra, and these cities are also visited a lot by tourists. Besides the historic parts of Lisbon there are other places which establishments have been turned into retirement homes. These establishments are one of the many reasons why it’s so cheap to fly to Lisbon.

When in Lisbon you can stop by Alcantara Santa Apolonia and Rocha doConde, you can reach these places on a little cruise, there is also a place called Gulbenkian museum where you can find amazing Egyptian paintings or artefacts. These painting are made by a few famous artists including, Renoir and Cassatt.

Lisbon city is linked with the global air network through the international airport; this allows them to provide cheap flights to Lisbon. It is only a short trip away from a few European places, the airport is placed around 7 or 8 km north of Lisbon, an air hub is connected to the city, by a bus every 30 minutes.  The national’s airlines of the city include Portuguese Airlines, Air Luxor, TAP Air Portugal, Faro and Porto. And that’s not all there are actually a few more which are Finn air, Air France, Spanai, Lufthansa, United Airlines, and SAS. For people who are low on money at these hard times of the economy you can easily just get a lesser known airline for a lot less, it wouldn’t really make a difference.


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