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Travelling to Rome

If you are planning on a vacation, then taking a trip to Rome is something that seriously needs to be considered. The reason for this is because Rome is one of the most popular destinations for visitors across the whole world. There are several reasons for this. Very few cities in the world offer so much in the way of art, architecture, culture and religion. In fact a big portion of the visitors who come here like to visit the Vatican. The Vatican which is situated within the city is home of the Roman Catholic Church. Because of all these reasons and more, finding cheap flights to Rome is a relatively easy task.

All the major airlines in Europe and a few smaller ones have regular service to Rome. There are plenty of web sites which specialize in cheap flights Rome. The city of Rome has something to offer for everyone. One of biggest draws of this city is the Coliseum. In fact it is so well known, the design of the building has come to represent the city. This is a sporting complex built nearly 2000 years ago and it housed the gladiatorial battles. It is one of the biggest single monuments of the ancient world. Other architectural attractions include the Pantheon and Trevi Fountain. Food is also another highlight of Rome. After all it is the capital of Italy, which is the cuisine capital of Europe.

As mentioned before, a large portion of visitors who go to Rome go there to visit the Vatican. One of the main Architectural delights is of course the famous St. Peters Basilica. This cathedral is teeming with artwork done by some of the most famous artists of the renaissance period. One thing to keep in mind when booking cheap flights to Rome is cheaper accommodation. There are many choices for a person to stay, from small family owned bed-and- breakfast and youth hostels. The trick is to go off season time to find the best rates on air tickets as well as accommodation. The summer months are the busiest season. Therefore if you are flexible with your time, then finding cheap flights Rome will be easy.

When booking cheap flights to Rome you have to make sure you will be arriving at the correct airport. Rome has 2 airports, Leonardo da Vinci airport and Fiumicino International Airport. Most of the cheaper flights arrive at Leonardo da Vinci Airport.



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