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Tuscany With Mountain Tourism

Tuscany is among the prime areas for tourism in Italy, if not the most visited one. Thanks to the wide variety of mountains which can be seen in the region, mountain tourism is broadly practiced. The whole northern and eastern border of the area is bound by the Apennine mountains, a mountain range that runs through the entire length of the Italian peninsula. You can find separared mountains out of the range of Apennine, such as Mount Amiata. Mount Amiata is a volcanic mountain located in Southern Tuscany.

The most important, most known and most appreciated mountains in Tuscany are those in the northern territories of the Province of Pistoia, in northern Tuscany, below the border with Emilia Romagna. The mountains surrounding Pistoia are covered with small villages where many people have their vacation homes: for this reason, and for the many cosy hotels, this area is rich of tourists during summer and winter.

Getting to the Mountains

If you arrive from south:

Arrive to Pistoia via motorway, get onto regional road 66 when you reach the end of the city ring northbound direction: this road will bring you exactly in the middle of the lower mountains of Pistoia in less than half an hour.


When you pass the small village of Le Piastre you’ll be in the Reno valley, the main entrance of the mountains from south.


If you arrive from north:

You can reach this area from the provinces of Modena and Bologna:


From Modena – drive southbound on SS12 for approximately 90km, it will bring you directly to Abetone, which is the main ski resort of the mountains of Pistoia as well as the pass that brings you in province of Pistoia from Modena. Once in Abetone, driving southbound still on SS12 you have access to lower valleys and other villages of the area.


From Bologna – drive southbound on SS64 towards Porretta Terme, a nice small town still in province of Bologna, pass Porretta Terme and continue in direction of Pistoia: the road runs through a deep valley, when you enter Tuscany you are in the province of Pistoia ( exactly in Pracchia, a small village famous for its mineral water bottling plant ), drive through the village, continue for few kilometers and you reach Pontepetri, a small village which is on regional road 66, the same you cover when you arrive from Pistoia ( from south ). You are in the middle of Pistoia mountains.



Tourism is fundamental for the economy of this area, you’ll find plenty of hotels, camping, attractions and landmarks. Tourism, both in winter and in summer tourism, is growing always more in the area.


Tourism in this section of the Tuscany mountains begun after world war two and has been always growing since that time. Renovated hotels, renovated cable cars in every ski resort, now natural projects, mountain bike and hiking trails. Every year there’s something new.


Every kind of tourist with a passion for nature finds what he’s looking for in this area.


Skiing in Tuscany

Abetone ski resort is the most important ski resort out of the Alps in Italy.


With more than 50 kms of perfectly groomed slopes, 18kms of nordic ski tracks, new cable cars and warm mountain huts Abetone attracts more tourists every year coming mostly from Italy as well as United States, France, Germany, Russia and United Kingdom.


Stefano Franceschini writes tourism guides about Tuscany Mountains and Mountain Tourism in Tuscany

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