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Weekend Tour Packages In Jim Corbett National Park

Corbett National Park is the perfect destination for wild life lovers to spend their weekends. There are many weekend packages where you can enjoy and have fun. Still you cannot get the thrill of anywhere like the national park. Located in the Uttarakhand, Jim Corbett National Park is named after the hunter and reformer called Jim Corbett. This is a place where you will be getting all the modern facilities of a holiday along with good accommodations and transportation. There are various package tours for weekend available here. All of them can be booked online. Coming here is not also tough. This is the perfect Eco-tourism destination that is going to make your weekend really special.

Situated in the Nainital district the forest works as a protected area for the Tigers who are now getting less. This is also the main aim of project tiger. This wild life protection has given birth to an all new holiday destination for all. Holiday packages In Jim Corbett is really a good tour packages to spend your weekend exploring wildlife in the world heritage wildlife destination of jim corbett national park India. In the mist of nature and natural beauty you may find yourself in a total reunion with them. This can be enjoyed well if you decide to stay in the forest lodges. They will make you get the smell of the forest very well along with good quality food and lodging. Other than this there are a number of hotels and restaurants available in the area which is not only clean and clear but also very hygienic.

The Corbett Weekend Tour will make you see 25 spices of reptile and 110 spices of mammals as also 580 types of bird, real good numbers to be impressed. There are many more unnamed and less famous species of animal dwelling here. So go for this one to get the best thrill of the journey. The trees like rohini, haltu as also papal are going to make your days green. So the Corbett Weekend Tour is just like going back to the ancient days with being close to nature and all its aspects. You will also get the flavor of the day with the help of authentic Indian food served in the Hotels in Jim Corbett.

Ramnagar town is the central head quarters for the reserve and is very well connected with the whole of India. You can come here by overnight trains from Delhi as also Varanasi. Reaching Ramnagar you can hire a Taxi to the Dhikala. You will be getting modern accommodation in Dhikala as also in also in Ramnagar. Still staying in Dhikala is better as this will make you get the morning encounter with the Elephant hard and Sambar Deer. So when you come to India this year do not forget to have a weekend in Jim Corbett national park and get mesmerized with nature and its varied faces.

Jim Corbett National Park is one of the most famous wildlife destinations. To book your Corbett tour, Dhikala Tiger Tour with Nainital, Corbett Weekend Tour, Corbett Tiger Tour, Corbett Fun Tour and more in best price with Hotels in Corbett. Browse www.corbettnationalpark-india.com or call us at +91-9958811994.

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