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Wondrous Experiences of North India Tour Packages

You would definitely have been taken in by the picture of a lone traveller on a camel forming a silhouette against the setting sun in the desert at least once. Imagine being the traveller in the silhouette. If you think this is only something possible in your fantasy, you need to get to a tour of North India. Among the different experiences you are likely to have here, there are some which will make their way to your hall of fame.

North India is filled with many interesting monuments, architectural marvels and unique attractions. Combined with majestic hills, pilgrimage centres and enchanting wildlife, this region is the ultimate for every tourist. Every picture you take will become a photographic marvel, not merely because of your abilities, but because of the stunning backdrop that India presents.

The major states in North India include Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Delhi. These are mandatory elements of your North India tour, which would be incomplete without any one.

North India has every imaginable activity which includes sporting and adventure activity, tourist destinations which allow ample attractions, trekking and mountaineering and even wildlife tours. Besides, there are plenty ways to relax by getting amid the hills, relaxing at one of the many lavish resorts that have been set up for the convenience of travellers, or by heading to a spa which is located in the heart of nature. Another wonderful way to experience North India is by getting amid the locals and sampling the native life here. You will find that although there are differences in the culture and tradition of people in each region, the Indian hospitality and spirit is the same wherever you go.

There is plenty for you to shop for. The pashminas and wool of Jammu are a dream, while the leather and handicraft of Rajasthan have loyalists all over the world. The brass, marble and inlay are prized possessions, while the ethnic weaves native to each region has their own appeal. Ensure you have plenty of space set aside for incredible bargains you are certain to find here.

Ensure that you have some information on these places and insist that your travel agent make them a part of your tour. It is unfortunate if you travel to North India and do not take back something of each of these places with you. A well informed, credible travel agent will not only weave all these places and experiences into your tour, but also guide and inform you about your holiday to ensure that you have the best experience possible.

The most important things that you need to be armed with on a tour of North India include some warm clothing if you are travelling closer to winter, a modest set of clothes and the zeal for enjoyment. You are sure to find everything else you need along the way. It is time to plan your holiday to North India. A memorable vacation awaits you. 


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