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Uttarakhand – Attractive Destination for Investment

The state of Uttarakhand was formed on November 9, 2000, by carving out 14 hilly districts of northern Uttar Pradesh. It is situated in the foothills of the Himalayan mountain ranges and shares its boundaries with Nepal in the east and China (Tibet) in the north. Uttarakhand is blessed with …

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Shanghai: Attractive Destination in Asia

Shanghai, the most populous city in the People\’s Republic of China and the 10th most populous metropolitan areas in the world is famous for both the ancient and modern beauty. Despite the world\’s economic recession, despite the fast life pace, Shanghai is still a paradise of China and Southeast area …

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Attractive Tour Packages For Indian Destinations

About Beach Tourism :- Along its 7000 km of Coastline, India offers a number of beautiful beaches which surpass some of the best beaches in the world in terms of beauty & sandy coastline. India is supposed to be an ideal destination for Beach tourism for its abundance in facilities …

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Most attractive destination in Asia

India is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Asia. India is a large country in southern Asia. It’s the second largest country in the world in population, ranking only behind China. India is a land of often bewildering diversity. It is a jigsaw puzzle of people of every …

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Switzerland – Attractive Tourist Destination

Many travelers is enthusiastic to choose Switzerland as a attractive tourist destination because of its lanscape so so stunningly beautiful, vistas so striking and locals so hospitable. Although you has visited this cosmopolitan once or more, there offers you new something and great dekko.  Furthermore, as you know because this …

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