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Touring in Spain

Smaller than France and larger than California, Spain is replete with impressive mountain ranges and high plateaus, which provide a source for major rivers such as the Ebro, Tagus and Guadalquivir. To the west, the country shares a border with Portugal, whilst to the north, the Pyrenees separate Spain and …

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Touring Zambia

Zambia is described by many as “the real Africa”; it is also acknowledged as one of the safest countries in the world to visit. It is the home of the Victoria Falls, the wild Zambezi River, and a profusion of birds, wildlife and pulsating wilderness. Zambia’s people are welcoming and …

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Motorcycle Touring

Some riders like to travel alone, and if you can cope with the solitude, this has many advantages. You decide the route, the duration of the tour and you get out of bed when you please, be it early or late. If you’re heading down the motorway in France, see …

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