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A Beginner’s Guide to Playing the Guitar

Most of us have heard amazing guitar players in concert or on television. The lead breaks are mind blowing and the guitars are legendary. Whether watching these artists perform or jamming with your friends or family – the guitar is an excellent instrument to consider – being both portable and versatile.

Personal Commitment Keys:

• Desire to succeed – listen, learn, practice and develop your skills
• Commitment to learn chords, scales and apply it through practice
• Passion for music and your instrument of choice
• Patience to refine your skills
• Encouragement – ensure you have friends and/or family that encourage you.

Guitar Lessons – where do I start?

What type of music do you like? If you are just starting out – the style of music you like will help you decide what sort of lessons you are looking for. There are a number of excellent on-line guitar courses to consider however we also recommend having a local tutor. Your local music shop will have a list of recommended guitar tutors within your area. Always check to see whether they can tutor you in the style of your choice.

Practical Considerations:

• Good Six Stringed Guitar
• A suitable guitar stand
• An adjustable music stand
• A good guitar strap (consider width)
• Guitar picks and a spare set of strings
• Selective Guitar Lessons
• A Guitar Capo
• A Guitar Tuner and Chord Dictionary

If you are learning on an acoustic electric or electric guitar – you may require a sound cable to connect the guitar to an amplifier.

What type of guitar should I purchase?

Always buy a good quality guitar such as an American guitar. This does not mean expensive. Stay with well known brands. Ask your local guitar shop or a guitar tutor for advice. You need to be able to easily hold the body and your fingers need to easily move around the neck. Scaled down guitars are available for younger players. If you purchase a guitar on-line from sites such as usaguitars.net – we suggest that you take it to your local shop to have it set up properly.

The timber used to make an acoustic guitar will define its tone. For example – Rosewood provides a deep warm rich tone whereas Maple has a bright crisp tone.

Certain types of guitars are uniquely suited to music styles. For example, those wanting to play unplugged or straight rhythm will generally go for an acoustic guitar preferably with an inbuilt pick-up so you can connect to an amplifier (Note: Some come guitars have an inbuilt tuner which can prove very helpful). Those interested in Rock or Metal should perhaps consider a electric guitar with multiple humbuckers. For Blues, Jazz or Pop – consider a Epiphone, Fender or a semi acoustic guitar and for folk or classical – a nylon stringed classical guitar.

If you know what type of guitar you are looking for – an on-line guitar sale or auction site such as USA guitars.net provides a good range of options for your consideration.

David Covic is a music enthusiast. A guitar player and former music director. He has invested significant time in improving the skills and talent of music groups, individual musicians and singers. His passion is to see people develop their unique talent to the best of their ability. One of his web sites – http://www.usaguitars.net highlights USA made guitars for both sale and auction together with a number of accessories and music uniquely for the guitarist.

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