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Adventure Tour Packages In Ladakh

There are not many places in the world today that can beat the beauty and adventure of Ladakh. The summers remain dry here owing to its cosy location in the Himalayan rain shadow.
The winter months are laden with heavy snowfall resulting in road blocks and frozen rivers. When the weathers warm, Ladakh resembles a parched citadel which has several snow covered peaks hovering from all sides. The snow and cold water of Indus and Zanskar flows into this land from three sides.
Ladakh landscape is pretty similar to the Tibetan land. So much so that several people call it as The Little Tibet. The people here also greatly resemble those from Tibet. Their oriental eyes, their clothing and their lifestyle is very similar to those of people living inside Tibet. Ladakh locals are devout followers of Buddhism which is also a trait similar to Tibetans. Century old monasteries stand tall, telling tales of Ladakh which still seems frozen in a different era.
Several adventure tourism companies carry out several kinds of tour packages to get into Ladakh. For the extreme adventurists there are mountain biking tours, trekking tours, rafting tours. People who get a thrill driving in these lands prefer driving up here in their own cars. Travel tour organisers arrange for jeep safaris here which consist of several days of driving from one location to another.
Tour packages generally take up tours in the summer months when the roads are open and majority of the parts are approachable. Several tour organisers suggest that the visitors should fly to Leh and spend 3-4 days for acclimatisation. People who go by jeeps take the Manali Leh highway which is a two day trip and a good enough time for the newbie to get acquainted to the cold et all.
If you are a first timer in Ladakh, preferring going by the less adventurous route i.e. going by more friendly means like the jeep or cabs. Being inside a jeep is definitely fun but what one misses out on by not being in the open is something only a biker or a cyclist can tell you.
There are several tour organising companies which provide proper security instructions, arrange for your food and accommodation for the entire trip. They give you a list of essentials to carry along with you. Food, stay and transport is generally inclusive of expenses. But shopping or any other personal expenses or travelling to places which are not in the itinerary are generally charged for separately.
If you are looking for packaged tours you can book yourselves prior to the summer months to get the best deals.

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