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Australia: A peaceful destination

Not only famous for world’s top education system, Australia is also an ideal destination for those who seek for quietness and peace. This is the country of widespread deserts, pretty houses with coulourful gardens, modern cities and long white sand beaches. Picturesque red lands combine the deep ever green of smooth plateaus. Bright yellow daisies in full blossom compete with the beauty of sunlight’s. Strange wildlife inhabit in tropical jungles which are already thousands of years old. The beautiful and peaceful. Located in the southern hemisphere, most of the country is semi-arid or desert. However, Australia is well known as a megadiverse country with a range of inhabitants form alpine heaths to tropical forests. This country is also home to many lovely animals like the famous koala and kangaroo. Arriving here, you can watch kangaroo play and jump as well as enjoy the peaceful air of the world’s smallest continent.


A romantic sence of the Syney Habour with ever yellow blossom daisies


The stunning Sydney Opera House


The Great Ocean Road


White swan are swimming in the lake


An incredible view of a beach


The ancient beauty of Australia


Kangaroo – the symbol of the nation


A peaceful air in a park in Melbourne


The beauty of the national park in fall


Red dunes spot evergreen plateaus




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