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Bagan – A Great Destination in Myanmar

Bagan or Pagan, an ancient place in Myanmar, has more than 2,000 pagodas and temples for you to visit during your trip there. These sites are more than 1500 years old, enriched with fascinating history and wonderful architecture, which is great for sightseeing. There is a rainy season in lower Myanmar, making this area wetter. Meanwhile, there is no real rainy season in upper Myanmar, where Bagan is located. It is called Sommer Season.


Where do you want to stay in Bagan, Myanmar? There are many different hotels to choose from, ranging in both price and amenities from economical to four-star hotels. A wide variety of culinary options abound in Bagan, including Western food, traditional Myanmar dishes, Chinese, and other Asian cuisine. How will you choose to get around Bagan? You can arrange to do your sightseeing by car, horse cart, on your own bicycle, or even by foot. A popular attraction for visitors to this part of the country is the sunset boat trip on the Ayeyarwaddy River. Enjoy a cold drink, great food and good entertainment as you enjoy the stunning, color-changing sunset.


During the day, your sightseeing might take you to the top of Mount Popa where you can view the monastery constructed there. To set foot inside, you only need to climb 777 steps to the top! This and many other sacred sites dot the landscape of Bagan, Myanmar. The ruins of Bagan extend over 16 square miles of land, where most of the ruined buildings were constructed in the 11th to 13th centuries. Even when you are not touring a mountain top monastery or the ruins of an ancient civilization, you can still enjoy beautiful ancient architectural designs everywhere you go. Murals, valuable frescoes, stone carving and inscriptions are all available even within the city itself.


During your next journey to Bagan, Myanmar, you can enjoy both ancient religious sites and modern comfort with the selection of the right accommodations. The eclectic combination of towering architecture and humble ruins make for a unique vacation and touring experience. Be sure to try a new kind of food and give a ride in a horse cart a try! You will be disappointed by what you find in wonderful region of northern Myanmar.


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