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Being a tourist in Venice

For some people travel is not just a traditional every year run away from the irritating daily duties and stress it turns to a way of living. Besides these days you don’t even need millions to go on a trip for few days. Planing a trips is as easy as to take away the candy from a kid. First where to go, the air plane ticket second the hotel and the last what to see in that place. All this with few clicks on your computer. There are few destinations in Europe which are ranked as top 10 of the most visited places with its unique charm. Venice is one of them. There are hundreds of hotels in Venice which can offer you pretty good prices for few days stay among with a low cost flight all will cost you as much as a dinner is a fancy restaurant. So being a tourist in Venice and how does it feels? Assuming from the fact that Venice is a city on water and everything in the city is designed having in mind that fact the feeling is pretty strange. Certainly you may get lost in those many little streets all over the Venice. You can enjoy the gondola taxi and the trip to your special choice of one of the Venice hotels by the traditional boat. Here comes the last point, what to see ? The city is quite ancient indeed among with the fact that all the unique architecture creations are perfectly preserved can offer you a lot of things to see. The cathedral of San Marco, Church of San Giorggio maggiore, Venetian palaces among with all the galleries will not allow you to get bored during your stay. Don’t miss also to try some of the traditional Italian food in some of the charming little restaurants. At the end do not miss to take a little part of Venice with you with buying some traditional staffs such as masks, glass made objects etc. This simple thing will always remind you about the place where you were and will help you to keep the great memories from there.

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