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Belfast Travel Guide

Belfast is the capital and the largest city of Northern Ireland. It I located at the mouth of the river Lagan on Belfast Lough. There are lots of places to explore in this wonderful city. The city has much to offers and lots to do. For many visitors, the most fascinating part of sightseeing in this city is a tour of the former no-go areas, namely the Protestant Shankhill and Catholic Falls Road, where giant murals are evidence of the city’s violent past. Another highlight is the city’s pubs; many of these dates back centuries and, more than just drinking dens, are repositories of Belfast’s rich history and popular culture.

Belfast Nightlife

The social life of the city is very lively having vibrant nightlife as well. The beautiful things about nightlife are its historic pubs and bars. The most popular ones are Bittles Bar, Kelly’s Cellars, Maddens, McHugh’s and White’s Tavern.

Shopping in Belfast

Shopping is an excellent experience in Belfast. St George’s Market on East Bridge Street is the oldest and the best market in the charming city. Discerning shoppers should head for the designer boutiques along Ormeau Road, Bloomfield Avenue and Belmont Road, whilst Lisburn Road is known as the “style mile”.

Belfast to Paris by Eurostar

If you are planning to travel from Belfast to Paris and Brussels, you don’t need to be look at the more number of options as your modes of transport. Now it also has teamed up with several train operating companies in UK. Eurostar trains (Chunnel Train) are the most convenient and comfortable way to travel within Europe.

The speed of 186mph adds thrill to your journey. You can travel from this charming city to Paris and Brussels. You simply need to hop on the Chunnel connecting train+ ferry from Belfast to London St Pancras International station. From London onward, simply takes high speed Chunnel train.

You simply need to book ferry + train tickets from Belfast to London St Pancras International station. Then book Chunnel Train separately from London to Paris and Brussels.


If you want to travel from Belfast to Paris, then read out important information regarding Eurostar UK Connections and Cheap Eurostar tickets

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