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Best Places To Visit In London

London offers plenty of attractions to visitors, so a short trip will not be long enough to experience everything the city has to offer. This short guide can serve you if you intend to see the best sites available in London. Take advantage of the many transportation options, such as the eccentric double decker bus or the tube. The most important stations are situated next to all the attractions you may want to see.

One of the first sites you might want to see is the changing of the guards. This happens at the Buckingham Palace at 11:30 AM every day during the summer. If you happen to be in London during August or September, you will also be able to visit the State rooms.

Not far away from the Buckingham Palace, you will discover other places of interest, such as the House of Parliament and Big Ben. Sightseeing options in London are very eclectic. Other sites include the Westminster Abbey, Piccadilly Circus, and Hyde Park, where people who wish to express themselves can use the Speakers Corner to do so. The prime minister’s offices are located nearby at 10 Downing Street. If you are there at the right time of day, you just might catch a glimpse.

Whether you are a professional or amateur historian, the Tower of London is a must-see. This 900 year old tower was used as a prison and several members of the royal family were unfortunate enough to have spent their last days here. One of the knowledgable tour guides will be happy to take you through the tower and relate the interesting stories. The Crown Jewels exhibit is on display at London’s infamous tower as well.

Once you have had your fill of history, take a ride on the Millenium Celebration, London’s famous gigantic ferris wheel. The half hour ride will give you plenty of time to take in the expanse of the city.

Other attractions include a wide variety of historical, art, and cultural museums. For a change of pace, vist Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. Here, the realistic wax figures of celebrities, both living and dead, seem to move and watch you as you pass by.

Take a ride in the country and visit Windsor Castle, which is still inhabited from time to time by the royal family. Does the story of Henry VIII tantalize you? Take a walk back in time when you visit the Tudor Dynasty’s Hampton Court Palace. Here is where the famous “marrying king” lived along with each of six different wives; two of which were put to death on his command. Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard were kept in the Tower of London until they were put to death for reasons that many believe to be suspiciously contrived. Of course, there is much more history to the palace than Henry the 8th’s story and you may find yourself wandering through for hours, enjoying all the palace has to offer in both views and historical edification.

Whether you are interested in history or simply want to explore castles, museums, beautiful countrysides and other attractions, London is the perfect place to spend a great vacation.

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