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Blackberry Tour

General aspects

Blackberry Tour smart phones are designated with the name Blackberry 9600 series. These smart phones are the ones that offer comprehensive outlook to the range of smart phones that has evolved recently. These phones are known for their superior performance as compared with other models of smart phones. Blackberry Tour has 3.2 megapixel camera accompanied better shutter speed thereby creative capturing of realistic scenes are possible. Also the mobile is compatible with Black Berry OS 4.7 as its qualified operating system. Also it brings effective utilization of operating system to bring valued changes in the use of mobiles with in built positioning system supported by the satellite feed. The battery life of Blackberry Tour is considered to be one of the prime drive forces as far as a mobile is concerned in commercial market. The QWERTY keyboard provides ample opportunities for the people to check mails through the mobile. Also this helps in the compiling of notes and office files as done in a laptop or personal computer. The phone is also associated with better toughness as far as the build of external surface is concerned.

Design specifications

Blackberry Tour’s display gives the mobile grander look with better screen resolution capabilities that can help better display features to be exhibited by the mobile. Also the phone has certain in built features of crazier looks with smooth curvatures at the edges keeping it more sleek and easy to handle. The basic color of the mobile depends on the customer’s wish. Black shade with classy metallic appearance gives grander look. It is prone to frequent damages even by not so sharp objects. Hence scratch guards are to be employed to prevent such serious damages to the screen. The quality of signal reception is quite immaculate making the phone compatible to be used with greater range of reception of wavering signals.

Handset features

The display features of Blackberry Tour are quite remarkable. It has cryptographic lithium battery rechargeable type with standby time of about 250 hours. The handset is supported with mono or stereotype bluetooth 2.0 that enables better synchronization and data transfer among the hardware. The camera encompasses auto focus option to have better recognition of faces. The mobile is supported with 3.5 mm headset that enables better clarity in terms of quality of sound. The tracks are channeled accordingly in the headset creating quite unique experience for the users. USB ports are given in the handset to enable safe transfer of data between different sources namely personal computers or iPods. . This can prove to be handful when this phone is compared with some other variants available in the commercial markets. The mobile weighs about 130 grams with overall dimensions of about 112 by 62 by 14.2 mm.

Performance and Market Acceptance

The Blackberry Tour is equipped with certain multimedia application enabling the use of Divx players to play the movies stored in the mobile. This gives totally different experience altogether. Hence based on performance characteristics this mobile is valued better compared to other models available in the commercial market.

Customer’s say

The Blackberry Tour smart phone exhibits certain divine traits that are superior when compared with other models, which in turn has won hearts of lot of people throughout the world.

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