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Choosing your summer getaway destination

When the end of winter rolls around and the weather starts to warm up, it’s only natural to start thinking and planning your escape to the sun, sand and sea. A summer holiday should be a fixture of everyone’s yearly calendar – not just a distant memory from our childhood and schoolyard days. Even if it’s only a long weekend, there’s nothing more remedial and enjoyable than some fun in the sun to recharge the batteries. For some people, however, planning a holiday can seem too arduous a task – the possibilities of where to go are endless! So here’s a few things to consider which will help narrow down the choices – you’ll be enjoying your summer getaway in no time.

Domestic or international? Whether you want to stay domestically or visit an overseas destination will significantly impact the shape of your summer getaway. Domestic holidays, for example, may not require you to fly. And international holidays will likely require you to take more time off. Remember, however, that the growth of budget airlines means that international summer getaways don’t have to be prohibitively expensive. Cheap Fiji flights, for example, are available from a number of Australian cities.

Package deal or self planned? For some people, the joy of a holiday is in not making any decisions. Holiday packages, therefore, can be a welcome and easy holiday option. For others, however, the pleasure of holiday taking is the planning and research that goes into organising that perfect getaway. For those with the luxury of time or inclination for self-organisation a self planned holiday will be more rewarding. Package deals, on the other hand, are perfect for last minute deals.

Type of holiday. Whether you self cater in a holiday house, take a cruise or stay in a luxury hotel will greatly impact your holiday. Different holiday types will suit different people. What type of holiday are you looking for?

Domestically, Australia offers a smorgasbord of summer holiday destinations. Australia is also geographically situated in easy proximity to a number of Asian and South Pacific island nations that boast spectacular beaches and idyllic settings. Affordable airfares have made it easier than ever to get your there. Cheap Bali flights, for example, are available from a number of Australian destinations.

Where will you go on your summer holiday?

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