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Experience the best of Tuscany with a Guided Tour

Can you picture a better vacation than taking a guided tour of Tuscany? Millions of people visit Tuscany every year so there are plenty of walking tours and guided tours of Tuscany that will be available to you whenever you come. When you want to learn more about fine wines, you’ll be happiest on one of the tours that let you taste different Chiantis.

The Tuscan region of Italy is home to some of the most beautiful natural settings of green rolling hills, as well as some of the best wine made anywhere in the world. Not only that, but the food is celebrated internationally, and the architecture in Tuscany is historically preserved, which makes a Guided Tour one of the most beautiful anywhere.

The region’s history deep and interesting history as well. The Etruscans and the Romans were responsible for shaping the early history of the area, but Renaissance period was the time in which many of the most profound changes occurred in the areas of art, science, and religion. As such, some of the most impressive art museums and galleries are also found in this part of the world.

With all the alluring places in Tuscany, most won’t have time to see them all in a solitary visit If you’re traveling here during summer or even spring, you’ll have to search carefully as many hotels get booked up in the tourist season. Many people enjoy stay in any one of the wonderful standard hotel options and some opt to vacation at the one of the Tuscan farmhouses. Stays in houses owned by locals typically include dining with the family and helping out with the work on the farm during the grape and olive harvest seasons. These facilities often offer cooking classes which give visitors a chance to learn how to cook Italian food with the ingredients that are farm fresh.

For anyone who is passionate about biking, no matter what level of skill you have, the Tuscan region is one of the best places to ride. There are rides for both the beginning and advanced bicyclists… Those who like easy rides will find them on the flat riverbeds and those who like the advanced rides will find that the region offers many rolling hills for them to explore. There are certain times of the year where more moderate temperatures provide the best time for activities such as these. From March through June, and in the early autumn months of September and October, there’s nothing like a bike ride in rural Tuscany.

Biking in the summer is often uncomfortable due to the high temperatures of the region.

Consider getting in the car you rent and taking a tour of the area.

You can choose from many automobile tours of the countryside that can be counted on to show you the amazing beauty that is Tuscany.

You can toss your map up into the air and just go enjoy an adventure!

If you go on a tour of Tuscany, discover the sites on your own or do a mixture of both, then you will find much in the way of food, wine art, biking and hiking to enjoy there.

Paolo Cardelli is a licensed tourist guide specialized in Florence Tours.

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