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Explore the Magnificent Tourist Places in Srilanka



One of the most interesting tourism destinations in south-Asia, Srilanka fascinates great number of tourists, nature-lovers, newly-wed couples and adventure-enthusiast from every nook and corner of the world. Fondly called jewel of India, this beautiful island is extraordinarily blessed with exciting charm and wonderments that magnet the tourists through out the year. Though, this beautiful country is very small in size but when it comes to the most excellent tourist attractions then, Srilanka leaves all the countries behind. Srilanka in South-Asia is world-wide known for its scintillating attractions and outstanding tourist destinations that must be visited and explore once in a lifetime.

Srilanka has lot of tourist attractions that includes cascading lush green forests, fascinating wildlife parks and sanctuaries, cascading waterfalls, bewitching beaches and much more which never fails to lure the heart of vacationers. Honestly it is an ultimate tourist destination that magnets visitors from across the globe. Not only for its attractions and wonderments but Srilanka Tourism is also famous for its rich tradition, culture, historical charm and splendor, marvelous temples, monasteries, and many others. Srilanka is a bucket of numerous enchanting attraction places; among them, some are as listed below.


The capital city of Srilanka, Colombo is one of the finest tourist destinations and accounts many visitors throughout the year. With a large population of different cultural, it presents the perfect blend of old and the new way of old colonial buildings as well as high rise buildings and sky scrapers. Being the main financial, industrial and trading hub, Colombo holds some important tourists attractions among which the Botanical Gardens, Dehiwala Zoo, Dutch Period Museum Viharamadevi Park are the worth visiting. Dehiwala Zoo in Colombo is among most visiting Tourist Places in Srilanka. If you are nature-lover then it would be perfect place for you. Here one can experience the varied species of birds and animals. Some of the animals and birds that can be found in this zoo are bears, tigers, lions, giraftes, rhinos, gorillas and many more. Apart from this largest city is also famous for world class hotels,bustling markets,excg night clubs and many more.


Fondly called cultural capital of, Kandy is one of the most visit destination set in a picturesque bowl of hills. This magnificent attraction place is famous for its historical heritage, spectacular vistas and many more that are so inviting and pleasing to the eyes. The Temple of Tooth, The Royal Botanical Garden, Buddhists Temples, and etc are some of the highlights of this city.


Majestically situated in the southern region of the country this magnificent city shows the perfect example for the fortified city built by Europeans in Southeast Asia. The town is globally famous for its magnificence and numerous enchanting tourist attractions which magnets thousands of visitors from across the globe. Galle is also home to magnificent UNESCO world heritage sites. Srilanka Tourism Packages are designed in such a way which brings most spectacular attractions to the vacationers and make their journey unending and remarkable.

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