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Final Destination – How Swine Flu Kills!

“Critical Mass” is a reality we hate to contemplate when it is in reference to our own artificially enhanced population growth. Western thinking is often at odds with the natural processes of life and therefore seeks to control all environmental and natural processes based on arrogance and ignorance. All organisms if allowed to progress under ideal conditions will eventually start to level off, decline or even crash in spite of availability of food and space.

When the population of trees reaches great numbers the population progression is slowed by pests, disease and storms. The same rules apply to humans and we are again being reminded that all of our efforts to forestall this inevitable truth only result in more extreme corrections. A storm knocks down dying, weak, sick, diseased, very young, very old trees and even some healthy young trees that have never weathered a severe storm before.

The human populations face viral storms like the slow-killing HIV virus and now the quick-killing H1N1 virus, or swine flu. Humans have attempted to alter the attrition process via drugs, incubators, surgery and a long list of inventions and innovations, but these things do not change the inevitable, but only make its effects more pronounced at a later date. The H1N1 Swine Flu virus is doing what it is designed to do cull our populations.

If everything remained the same as it is at this time the experts say that they expect the virus to kill at least 11 million people worldwide out of the almost 6 billion alive today. Of course if the H1N1 virus mutates as it has a habit of doing naturally that figure could be much much higher. H1N1 virus is focusing on the very young especially those 2 years old or younger, to a lesser degree those 5 years old or younger, pregnant women, the infirm, the sick, the weak, the immune-compromised such as people with HIV/AIDS, TB, people with respiratory deceases or lung problems, the very old and last of all a group that is rather surprised by being singled out, “the obese”.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s report on death and disease, researchers documented the case of ten swine flu patients at a Michigan hospital who became so ill they were put on ventilators. Three of the patients ultimately died from the infection. The awful truth? Nine of the ten were obese, and two of the three who died were severely obese. This is the same virus that destroyed 40-50 million people during the First World War when the total world population was at about 500 million people; for the most part the survivors lived because they were genetically equipped to defend themselves from the virus. However there are no such guarantees for their present day descendants, people that are less resistant or non resistant genetically could easily die from H1N1 virus. Swine Flu has taken over the flu season; if you have flu it is most likely Swine Flu.

This is how the H1N1 Swine Flu virus kills:

1. H1N1 virus enters the host/victims body by contact with an infected surface or airborne particle (live or dead humans, hogs, swine or pigs are potential infectious sources period).

2. The H1N1 virus seeks out a cell membrane in the nose or lungs it binds well to cell-surface molecules in the respiratory tract and enters the cell by injecting its genetic code.

3. The H1N1 virus’ genetic code takes over or hijacks the cells genetic code and forces it to replicate copies of the virus till it expands and ruptures releasing more H1N1 virus.

4. The newly created H1N1 virus are now free to be transported by body fluids and actions to neighboring cells to repeat the process continually.

5. H1N1 binds deep in the lung and can trigger potentially fatal pneumonia if the infected person mounts a strong inflammation in response to it’s attack, these are called Cytokine storms can overwhelm the nervous system and cause breathing problems, an overwhelming overreaction by ones own immune systems to H1N1 virus, can lead to fatal complications, and are seen more often in young otherwise healthy victims.

6. Contrary to what the medical establishment and pork industry say H1N1 virus has been found binding to cells in the intestines, which explains the unusual nausea and vomiting observed in cases of the pandemic Swine Flu (note: this means the medical establishment and pork industry are intentionally misleading and lying to the public when they say Swine Flu H1N1 is a decease exclusive to the lungs of pigs but rather it infects the entire swine including the organs and muscles used as meat).

7. During this process opportunistic pathogens like the bacterium called Staphylococcus aureus a common cause of skin infections (and a source of bacterial pneumonia) jointly attack and infect epithelial cells (cells like skin cells that line the inside of your airways) in conjunction with the H1N1 virus, (drug-resistant strains of S. aureus are becoming more common).

8. H1N1 virus actually kills cells and damages your airways as well so the attack is simultaneously attacking the body in many areas and at different levels of the respiratory system.

9. Genetics and age are very much the wild cards here because the Swine Flu pandemic of 1918 was notorious for causing such rapid, viral pneumonia, which can kill within hours and there is a definite correlation here between genetics and age, in 1918 many people that were not genetically able to fight the H1N1 virus quickly died especially the very young, but those that had previous exposure due to the 1889-1890 outbreak of H1N1 Swine Flu fared much better and were more likely to survive.

The United States is a prime target for this swine Flu H1N1 outbreak because more than any other country it has a higher population of people which are the fodder for unchecked viral growth. Per capita there are more people living with compromised lung function due to premature birth, asthma, TB, HIV, as well as a plethora of other lung ailments often in conjunction with obesity. The well meaning labors of the medical establishments have allowed and fostered people to survive that without intervention and technology would not have otherwise. The H1N1 Swine Flu virus by design seeks out these people as well as those not able to cope with the virus due to genetics and it will cull all of these; potential hosts unchecked if the living reservoirs of the H1N1 virus is allowed to flourish in large numbers because it is used as a food source.

Swine Flu H1N1 continues its outbreaks because the link with pigs remains unbroken, they provide a place of refuge for it in their poor circulatory systems, flesh and organs. Every plan of action to deal with H1N1 Swine Flu virus put forth by the CDC, WHO, governments or corporations will be symptomatic in nature because their intention is not to wipe the H1N1 virus out, it is merely window dressing to quell public fears by giving the appearance of real aggressive action.

This media-created illusion of concern also helps by slowly desensitizing the public to the rising tide of Swine Flu casualty numbers until the numbers level off and this outbreak ends. The CDC, WHO, and governments realize the extreme measures of eradication of swine and thereby the H1N1 virus, will never be put into effect, because large numbers of human deaths are acceptable collateral damage for pork industry corporations to survive and prosper!


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