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Goa a favourite tourist destination

Goa as we know a splendid place on earth. People all over the world remember it as a destination of beautifull beaches, goa carnival which took place in december. During carnival so many tourists both foreigners and local gather here to see and celebrate this festival.

Goa is famous for churches and beaches. There are many famous beaches in goa. Some of the famous beaches in goa are calangute beach, arambol beach, bagha beach and anuna beach etc. Calangute beach is called the queen of all beaches. It is 16 km. and 8 km. from panaji and mapusa respectively. Panaji is the capital of goa. Its sand area is smooth for walking. many tourists come here. Water sports is also available in this beach. Unlike other beaches it is not far away from panaji city. Bagha beach is 18 km. and 10 km. from panji and mapusa respectively. The beach anjuna is also very exciting. Palm trees can be seen near this beach. The best thing about this beach is the clearity and colour of water. The water is so clear that one can see the rocks and stones inside the water. The water seems to be green there when seeing from some distance. The beach is very beautifull. Besides rocks on this beach there is some sand area is also there. To reach this beach you have to come downstairs. Before downstairs there is a local market nearby in which items related to handicraft are sold by local people. Besides there beaches arambol is also very good beach to visit. It is at a far distance from panaji. So local tourists generally avoid it but foreign tourist come here. This is an amazing and beautifull beach. The sea water is very clear. For tourists the shopkeers there have arranged beds there to have sunbath. The location of the beds is itself very exciting as beds are placed very near to the sea water. So the whole scenario becomes very wonderfull and exciting. Vegator is also a beautifull beach. It is 22 km. from panaji. The beach is divided in two parts through a height of rock. At one side of beach there are restaurants and shops which provide bedding also there to have sun bath and other side of beach has plane sandy area to have good walk there. Goa has many churhes also like Church of Our Lady of Rosary, Se Cathedral, Ruins of Church of St. Augustine,Church of St. Francis Assisi etc.

Besides all this there is one thing which really is among the big attraction of Goa and that is river cruises on its mandovi river (Santa Monica Launch) where dancing and singing happens on the cruise and people enjoy litening to goa’s folk songs.

If any one came to goa and not went on river cruise here then certainly he missed a great enjoyment, beauty and attraction of goa. River cruise in goa is also a very important part of tourist attraction here in goa. Most of the people come who here in goa definitely visit river mandovi for its river cruises. The river cruise service here operates only in evening till some night. This makes the attraction of cruise more important as the climate which is also cool at that time makes a good combination of light and dance. The whole atmosphere seems to be so pleasant that every one there enjoys there. The cruise member presents some folk songs and dances of goa there, which itself makes the environment very pleasant. One can see the cultural songs and dance there and enjoy with them. They also invite the other people there on to stage to celebrate the moment and dance there. The three river cruises besides some other cruise service are Sunset cruise, Sundown cruise and Full moon cruise. The timings for them are sunset cruise – 1800- 1900 hr., sundown cruise timings 1915-2015 and for full moon cruise timings are 2030- 2200. Everbody enjoy here singing and dancing on cruise. Some on floor and some even on their seats. More information on goa’s other attraction can be found in website traveltamanna

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