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Green Travel And Tourism


All About Green Travel

What exactly is meant by a phrase like Green Travel? Green Travel can mean anything from environmentally responsible motor cars to eco-friendly transportation fuels, to responsible eco-tourism selections, sustainable travel or stays in hotels and facilities which might be environmentally conscious.

Study on to locate some excellent solutions online where you, the environmentally-responsible traveler, can boost your understanding and continue to seek the smartest, most planet-conscious selections available once you travel.

Why Green Travel Matters


Green Kerala Holidays was established by dedicated professionals with distinctive and proven record of accomplishment in the Destination Management. Within a very short span of time, Green Kerala Holidays has emerged to be a highly preferred service provider of travel related services among inbound travelers, domestic travelers and international tourists.

Kerala Holidays Packages has an array of dedicated & experienced staff members having in-depth & vast knowledge of formalities of Kerala & other tourist attractions in South India. The team is trained to know the micro details of the locations and look following minor requirements of tourists, so to customize a trip suiting the customer’s requirements and budget. The times spent with GKH are memories for the lifetime.


Tourism, in contemporary times, is a tremendously growth-oriented business, and is among the worlds largest, with spending figures estimated at over 5 hundred billion per year in recent years. Due to the overwhelming size of the market globally, millions of persons are employed within its ranks, and are hence of excellent concern in relation to responsible, eco-conscious decisions.

Such lofty statistics all start with local, individual selections – where people today invest their capital when they travel, during their travel and the message that their actions send out to global populations. The impact of global travel, when geared toward the positive, may be terrific – including when tourism’s dollars go to the enhancement of local populations, or when travelers return home with a fresh take on other cultures, communities and environments, for instance.

How Tourism and Travel Develop into Sustainable Tourism and Travel

WTTC Associations like the World Travel and Tourism Council in London, England, offer you world travelers a wealth of info on sustainable and green tourism. The mission statement of the organization speaks to their objectives: Raising awareness of the importance of Travel & Tourism, promoting synergies between the public and private sector, generating profit along with protecting natural, social and cultural environment [these] are the fundamental components of [their] mission, as outlined inside the Blueprint for New Tourism.

Whenever you travel, does what you can to extend the extra effort to ask questions about the businesses that service your trip: from hotels to tours to restaurants and more. Discover out what you can about the impact of their businesses on the environment, in terms of both the physical and cultural aspects. No set of universal standards or guidelines currently exists to ensure that those inside the travel and tourism market world-wide operate according to environmentally conscious principles.

So What Is Ecotourism and Can It Help?

With a greater emphasis placed on the environment in general, travel and tourism has also felt the weight of the green revolution. The travel and tourism business has sprung up in places where the natural environment remains in tact and accessible for one to experience first-hand. At its best, ecotourism is essentially nature travel – tourism of and cultivation of appreciation for the unadulterated vistas and landscapes of the planet.


Travel and tourism has also felt the weight of the green revolution.

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