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Incredible India Tourism

If India had been a woman, she would have been described as a captivating seductress, an enigmatic beauty and a culturally endowed woman with multifaceted personality is how a smiling Erco Travels guide described India to his visiting tourists. He went on to add how the country can offer unmatched lifestyle to people of all tastes and different economic strata and yet make them want for more.

India, he explained, is such an incredible destination in so many ways. He went on to explain how it is the kind of destination that will certainly touch all your senses and yet always make you feel wanting for more.

Countrys incredible diversity is a key attraction. Where else does one find it all in one country-the alluring and even unspoilt beaches, beckoning sand dunes, mindboggling chaos and sea of humanity mingling well with an upcoming economy, latest technologies embedded in a humane manner in the day-to-day lifestyle of populace-the country do have it all and much more!

As people, Indians are well-known for their humility and humanity and capability to adapt well to all kinds of cultures. They may come from a past that has had it dosage of struggle yet the future is that of lot of possibility. In true Indian spirit, people understand the value of a warm Indian welcome and invariably, irrespective of cast and creed, just cant wait to welcome any tourist to their area and home.

These days Government of India is also making an all out effort to not just promote tourism, but also to equip the country enough for tourism related infrastructure informed the Erco Travels agent to the tourists. The newly constructed airports and roads etc. that you are seeing across the country are just a part of this effort, he added.

Efforts are also on to make India an attractive destination for medical, village and heritage tourism. This is primarily because the realisation of the umpteen opportunities offered by the industry to the tourists is quite evident. The industry is quite aware that there are a lot of destinations which just need to be scratched below the surface to experience the endless possibilities. Each of these destinations has the potential to make one walk away far richer for having been there.

Even countrys culture is as diverse as the varied colours of rainbow. From South to North India and West to Eastern states- each area has its own cuisine, fairs, festivals, handicrafts, dances and lifestyle. Each of these has the capacity to leave an indelible mark on the tourists.

In fact Government of India is also pushing various industry related to tourism to make Indian destinations,( apart from the famous Golden Triangle Tours,Goa, Kerala Tours and the Himalayas) famous for what they can offer to the tourists. The focus now is on countrys diversity-the food, the flavour, the people and various cultures.

Many of these types of tourism especially medical is picking up in hordes and has already given a much needed boost to the growth of medical sector in the country. So, just wait for more to come informed the Erco Travels guide to his bunch of tourists.

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