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Kanyakumari Tourism Places To Visit in Kanyakumari

Located on the Indian sub-continent, this picture-perfect destination has numerous attractions on offer to both local and visitor alike. When it comes to strategic location, there is none better than Kanyakumari. What with three water bodies converging in this one spot? These are the Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea all of which give the region its added charm while drawing in the masses.

Formerly known as Cape Comorin, this area has several regions that tourists can enjoy one of which is the Gandhi Mandapam, an interesting structure that is dedicated to one of the worlds most famous political activists. Other than the beauty of the external façade, there is another fascinating aspect to the building. The memorial is built in such a way that on the date Gandhi was born (2nd October), the sun rays fall on the point where his ashes had been stored in an urn.

From one temple to the next, guests can enjoy the Kumari Amman, the temple that the town derives its name from. Also known as the Kanyakumari Temple, this building is dedicated to the goddess Parvati and is among the region’s top tourist attractions.

When it comes to statues, this region has the Thiruvalluvar that is all of 133 feet in height and can be viewed up close by taking a ferry ride into the waters that surround the region. As one of the largest statues on the continent completed in the year 2000, it can be viewed alongside the Vivekananda rock memorial.

Back on the mainland, the next stop for the tourist should be the Vattakottai Fort built in the 18th century. Made from large granite blocks, the fort is popular with locals and foreigners alike as it offers superb views of the Western hills on one side and the Sea on the other side. Kanaykumari is a picture-perfect location that provides the visitor with the opportunity to view the sunset and moonrise at the same time.

Kanyakumari Tourism: When it comes to beaches, this location has plenty to offer the visitor and when taken on alongside the Padmanabhapuram palace, then the visitor is surely spoilt for choice. In addition to this, the region holds several Hindu festivals and parades throughout the year that tourists can take part in making the travel excursion into Kanyakumari more fascinating.

Last but not least, the trip into Kanyakumari cannot be complete without a stopover at one of the numerous villages located on this stretch of real estate. A Kanyakumari vacation serves for a true taste of the Indian Sub-continent.

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