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London For Top Hotels And Tourist Attractions

The nations capital is awash with fine architecture, culture, food and the arts, its sprawling boroughs and fascinating historical centre attracts millions of tourist from across the globe each year. They are drawn in by the stories of regal London and tradition and the pomp and personality of the British people.

Indeed, the nation’s capital has a great many landmarks and tourist attractions, which can be visited; even Buckingham Palace has opened its doors to the curious public. It’s no lie to say that the Royal family are a huge draw within the tourism industry, and although they do not make up the whole appeal of a nation they certainly play an important part of it.

We are fortunate to have a living and thriving capital that hasn’t forgotten its past. There is evidence all around of how London used to be. Some of the narrow streets are and have always been this way for hundreds and hundreds of years. The Thames is the same river that was originally settled. And the Tower Of London is a testament to a bloody past that should not be forgotten. As you wind your way round the tower at each turn there is a reminder of the punishment for treason against the crown shortly followed by a glimpse of the royal treasures themselves.

The list goes on and on, and if you were to come and stay in London for a couple of weeks with the sole purpose of visiting all of the tourist attractions in the capital, then you may find you don’t have time for them all! So for those who pick and choose carefully and wish to stay in comfortable surroundings, you will be glad to hear that the top London hotels live up to the standard of the sights on offer.

As with all capital cities, you will be faced with a whole host of different accommodation options from which you can choose. So it’s worth spending some time doing a little research in order to get the most out of your trip. If you have the time and the money, then the top London hotels are for you, you’ll be sure to find a wide range on a number of dedicated websites.

At this point you can start to think about the location that you would ideally like to stay in. Remember that London, although quite easy to arrange transport around, is far from small and it can take a long time to get from place to place. So if you want to focus on central London, then stay nearby. Places like Park Lane and Mayfair are ideal locations from which to enjoy all the sights as well as take in some of the world famous shopping. The top London hotels are plentiful in this area and if this is what you want from your trip then do a search for top London hotels in these areas. On arrival you will be more than happy that you have chosen the ideal top London hotels to use as a base for your stay in London.

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