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Madrid Tourism

Madrid is many people’s dream tourist destination. This is a favorite vacation destination both by locals and international tourists. Being Spain’s capital city, Madrid truly projects the true Spanish heritage and culture. The richness of art and culture, coupled with being the busy center for economics, trade and high-end infrastructure, it is worth staying and having a vacation in this beautiful city of Spain.
Things to Do
History and Arts Tour
Being in Madrid will not be complete without witnessing the amazing culture and art of Old Spain. You will see this as you visit the museums with the 18th century art collections. Specifically, you will appreciate this in the Museo Nacinal del Prado. For the contemporary pieces, you can go to the Reina Sofia National Art Museum where you will witness the artistry and creativity of Joan Miro, Picasso and Savador Dali.
Visit the King’s Palace and see the preserved architecture of the 18th century in this grand structure. You will have to be ready with your camera as you capture moments in Madrid while you are in the great architectural design of the older times.
Nature Activities
Aside from the arts and culture appreciation, you will enjoy your stay in Madrid as it also offers water sports and other activities for you to enjoy. Have fun as you ride balloon and go hiking or windsurfing. There are activities that you will enjoy with family and friends. Appreciate the beauty of nature with the gardens that make the city more attractive. With the huge mountains, you will enjoy the city’s scenic beauty that you will love.
Drop by the flea market and find all the items that you can bring home as souvenirs. You can visit Rastro and you can find antiques, shirts, crafts, artwork, furniture and other souvenir items. You can go to the Ribera de Curtidores and enjoy buying the affordable items. During Sundays and holidays, be part of the crowd who would fill the streets looking for different kinds of souvenir items for all ages.
For the more prestigious group, you can go to Salamanca and find the luxurious and elegant items that you can not find in the streets. You also have to be ready with the cost as they are truly pricey but you will never regret the quality of the items.
To satisfy your gastronomic requirements, you will have many choices of restaurants and bars in Madrid. The specialty is seafood and you will love the freshness of prawns in this city. You should not miss the sausages, Iberian ham and Madrid-style tripe that will surely please your digestive system.
In Madrid, you will get a taste of unique Spanish food but you also have choices of international cuisines in the city.
Having night fun is normal in the busy city of Madrid. There are festivals, cultural events, plays, concerts and different shows that you will enjoy. There is always an activity that you can attend at night. Nightlife in Madrid is alive and the fun never stops.

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