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Monsoon Tourism

Today is the day when the Thrikketta Njattuvela or the solar transit of Alpha Scorpi starts. This is the Retreating Monsoon or the Thula Varsha and this Njattuvela may signal the end of the Monsoon season. The word Monsoon itself makes one happy. The intoxicating smell of the dry parched earth drenched, the splashing waters makes monsoons the favourite season in Kerala. Kerala has been defined as Tropical Wet by the German climatologist Koppen and Monsoon is a refreshing change from the long summer months, when scorching heat and dust ruled the roost. The farmers get relief from the draught like situation and the promise of the rains which heralds prosperity. Enjoy the monsoons of Kerala under Monsoon Tourism.
Never to be wasted indoors is this enchanting seasons of raindrops and rainbows. Monsoon gives everything to you in fresh as the special season of the year. Monsoon is not all packed up in rain coats. On the contrary, they are fun time. Splashing and swimming in knee deep waters and getting wet are some of the pastimes intended for you by the grace of the monsoons. You can take out an Ayurvedic Vacation during Monsoon. Monsoon is the season recommended by Ayurveda for Rejuvenation Therapy. You can rejuvenate your soul and replenish your body during the Monsoon season. Monsoon is the true season for rejuvenation, when people take ayurvedic remedies, detoxificaton etc to purge the body of toxins and rejuvenate the tissues. Various diseases can be cured, if the body is detoxified and rejuvenated, averrs Ayurveda.
The joy of the monsoons can be seen on everybody’s face. Kids dancing in the streets, elders enjoying rains from the balconies of their flats or the sit outs of their homes and women preparing hot vadas and coffee are symbols of the first monsoon rain. Also the sight of people enjoying a common umbrella on the public place. Gone are the days of blistering heat in a tropical country ! A sharp fall in the number of tourists during the Monsoon was the phenomenon of the past. Now Kerala Tourism is working on a new Monsoon campaign to attract tourist during the monsoon season which starts from May 29 and ends on 16th of December ( from Rohini Njattuvela to Thrikketa Njattuvela ). Monsoons in Kerala are the most tantalising in India.  With green ambience and plenty of rains, Kerala is the most sought after destination during the rainy season. The state is promoting Ayurvedic or Medical Tourism. The best season for Ayurvedic Healthcare is this season which stretches from June to Decemeber end. Kerala is fast capturing the attention of international tourists as the prime destination for Monsoon Tourism. With its abundant water reservoirs of natural lakes and waterfalls, the North East region of Kerala is also fast emerging as a hot monsoon destination amongst local as well as international tourists. Kerala Tourism is working on a schedule of events, which include a Monsoon Food Festival, a Monsoon Music Festival and a Monsoon Theatre Festival to capture the attention of the international tourist. A Monsoon Folklore Festival is also planned, as many of Kerala’s diverse arts and folk traditions are associated with the Monsoon. The romance of the Monsoons, with its green ambience and landscapes and its abundant rains, which have been rhapsodized thoroughout the ages in poetry and music, can be promoted as a “unique” tourist attraction. Special Tourism Packages have been initiated by the Confederation of Indian Industry to cater to the needs of the monsoon season travellers, as monsoons in India are exquisite. Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttaranchal and Sikkim have also been promoted as Monsoon Tourism attraction by the CII. These schemes will result in the Government getting more foreign exchange and provide employment opportunities to locals, as tourism is the numero uno industry in the world.
The two major Monsoons The South West Monsoon Known locally as Kala Varsham, the SW Monsoon starts from May 29th, when the Sun enters the 15th degree of Taurus ( Edava Pathi ). Fierce rains characterise this period which stretches upto the end of sidereal month of Leo or the 16th of September. Then we have the sidereal month of Virgo, which is the No Man’s Land between the two major – South West and North East Moonsoons !\ The North East Monsoon Known locally as Thula Varsham, the NE Monsoon starts from the 17th of October and lasts till 16th of December. This is the Retreating Monsoon, as cold winds, travelling at more than 20 kts, pick up moisture from the Bay of Bengal pours over peninsular India.

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