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Must Visit Places for First Timers Booking Flights to Seychelles

The Seychelles is a group of about 115 mesmerising islands in the Indian Ocean. These serene islands are home to some of the most virginal beaches on the planet. Just a few of the islands are inhabited and the usual way of getting around is by ferry and cheap domestic flights operated by small airline companies. Any first timer to Seychelles is bound to get bowled over at the destination. Those with a passion for wildlife can feast their eyes on the rarest of the rare of flora and fauna. Similarly, in terms of food, Seychelles leaves nothing to be desired. Despite a postcard perfect scenery and ever growing popularity as a tourism spot, the destination has managed to preserve the virginal quality of its natural beauty. Quite understandably, Seychelles also ranks amongst the most romantic destinations in the world.


Mahé, the main island, is home to the international airport and the connecting point for most of the international flights to Seychelles. From Mahé, one also gets to visit Victoria, the smallest capital in the world and also the cultural and economic hub of Seychelles. Here, one can find a world of both cheap as well as lavish accommodation facilities. There is also no dearth of fine restaurants, café’s, bars and casinos. Those who have bought their tickets to taste the destination’s outdoor life can explore a world of hotspots for cultural and ecotourism, dive centres, fishing, and nature walks and trails. There is ample scope for hiring cars and even sailing boats.


Praslin is the first stop for most travellers catching flights to Seychelles. It is the second largest island in Seychelles and has a surreal landscape. Praslin is home to gigantic palm tree forests including the unbelievable Coco-de-Mer palm. The fruits of this tree resemble the female pelvis. Anyone visiting the area during the twilight hours can also spy upon flocks of Seychelles Black Parrot, one of the rarest species of parrots in the world. Praslin endears itself to most beach aficionados as well with its stunningly wonderful Anse Lazio beach amongst numerous other beaches. Digging into lip smacking Creole cuisines and watching the waves lap in the distance become an indelible memory.

La Digue Island

Visitors sick of the hurry and strife should take one of the cheap flights to Seychelles and spend a few days at the La Digue Island. In terms of physical distance, it just takes about half an hour to reach La Digue from Praslin aboard a ferry. However, stepping onto the island is like getting caught in a time warp and jettisoned into the yesteryears. Charming surviving cultural traditions and a leisurely island way of life is sure to heal the mind, body, and soul. Anyone visiting La Digue Island is highly likely to set on a quest for cheap flights to Seychelles for a future repeat trip.

Silhouette Island

Silhouette Island makes for a dazzling spectacle with its rich marine treasures. Granite cliffs and a coral barrier reef emerge as a treat to the eyes. Excellent diving spots ensure ample adrenalin rush for action addicts. Silhouette Island also offers smashing views of Mahé’s North Coast. It is also said that the island is the final resting ground of many Arab sailors of the medieval era. Legend also has it that the treasure of corsair Jean-Francois Hodoul lies buried in Silhouette Island. The Seychelles Giant Tortoise and the Seychelles Sheath Tailed Bat are a couple of rare fauna species to be found on the Island. A sojourn to Silhouette Island is a definite must for anyone spending money on airline tickets to Seychelles.

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