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Nepal is the country having the extremes of beauty like the world’s highest mountains, the historic cities and the heavily forested where the tigers and great one horned Rhinos lives with the ultimate ease. Its a sovereign independent kingdom which is bounded on the north by the Tibetan region, People’s republic of China and east- south and west by India. The kindom of Nepal is around 885 kilometers kilometers east-west and its breadth varies from 145- 241 kilometers north- south. The country is divided into three main geographical region:

Himalayan Region: The average altitude of these region is between 4877m- 8848 m which includes 8 out of 14 summits of the world that also includes the altitude of 8000 meters which includes Annapurna, Dhaulagiri and others.

Mountain Regions: This region covers about 64 percent of the total land area and is also formed by the Mahabharat range which soars up to the 4877 meters and the lower churia range.

Terai Region: The low land of Nepal covers the 17 percent of the country.


Special Attractions of Nepal:

Kathmandu: The capital city of Nepal and the most cosmopolitan city and there are many such meeting places for the ethnic group and is also the home town of Newars.

Patan: The ancient city of Patan is 5 km southeast of Kathmandu which is also known to be the city of fine arts. There is the diversity in the medieval culture which has left the legacy with the impressive sightseeing in the city for the round the world visitors.

Bhaktapur (popularly known as Bhadgaon): Bhaktapur is located at an altitude of 1401 meters and also covers with an area of four square miles. The city is also known as “City of Devotees” and attracts the number of tourists with its wonders and cultural achievements.

Pokhara: The enchanting city of Pokhara is known to be the center of adventure which is nestled in the tranquil valley and is the starting point for many of the trekking and rafting destinations.

Tansen: The township of Tansen having the rich legacy and traditional art and architecture. Situated on the lap of Srinagar Danda (hill), the city Tansen commands the panorama of Himalayas as well as of the Terai.

Gorkha: Gorkha is the scenic hill town which is having the historical importance, at the altitude of around 1000 meters and also offers the majestic view of snow capped mountain.

Travel Guide to Nepal:

By Air: Tribhuvan Airport in Nepal is the only international airport in Nepal. The Royal Nepal Airlines operates the airlines through Kathmandu from Bangkok, Colombo, Kolkata, Delhi, Dhaka, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Karanchi, Lhasa, London, Osaka, Paris, Moscow, Paro, Singapore and Varanasi.

By Roadways: Kathmandu is well connected by the fertile plains of Terai with the picturesque highways. There are regular bus service that connects the capital Kathmandu with all the border points. The buses for the different parts of the country are available at Gongabu bus terminal near to Balaju.

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