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Nova Scotia Tourism Year Round

Nova Scotia is a small Canadian province on the southeastern coast, next to New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. It has a continental climate, usually fairly cold and cloudy, with summers that fall into the later part of the year and last for a relatively short period of time. There are also 196 average days of fog in some parts of Nova Scotia. The landscape offers many opportunities for those who visit to see many impressive sites. More than 40,000 people in Nova Scotia are employed by the tourism industry in some way in Nova Scotia.

Amherst is a popular destination for those who travel to Nova Scotia. It is on the edge of the vast Amherst Marsh on a hill, near the border of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. It is a small town with around 9000 residents.

Pugwash is on the Pugwash River of course, and is a small fishing and salt mining town, as it is home to the largest underground salt mine in Atlantic Canada. The Pugwash Conferences were started by Bertrand Russell and Cyrus Eaton. Eaton was a native of Pugwash. The conferences were begun as a way to bring great science minds from both sides of the Cold War together in one place, Eaton’s estate lodge, to explain their own oppositional attitudes towards nuclear weapons. These conferences were honored in 1995 with a Nobel Prize for Peace “for their efforts to diminish the part played by nuclear arms in international politics and in the longer run to eliminate such arms.”

Tatamagouche the town on the Northumberland Strait means “meeting of the waters” in the native Mi’kmaq. This is exactly what happens here. It is situated at the mouths of the French River, the Waugh River and on the south side of the Tatamagouche Bay.

The port town of Pictou is the most popular area for tourism in Nova Scotia. Located on the north shore, many Scottish settlers came to Pictou in the 18th century, leading to its slogan as “The Birthplace of New Scotland.” The Hector Festival, celebrating the boat Hector that brought many of those settlers to Pictou, is every August. The beaches and ferry trips to Price Edward Island and New Glasgow make it a great attraction.

Antigonish has been settled by the French, English and Irish during its long history. Now it is a college town, home to Saint Francis Xavier University, and is considered by many to be one of the best undergraduate universities in Canada. There has been a building boom in Antigonish and the main employer in the town is the university and St. Martha’s Regional Hospital. Antigonish hosts a very famous version of the Highland Games in July every year. The Highland Games are typically held in Scotland, and other regions with very heavily Scottish and Celtic heritages.

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