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Places For Tourists In Spain idyllic Costa Almeria

The Costa Almeria is situated southeast of the peninsular of Iberia with the Mediterranean waters rushing onto its 322 kilometers of rugged and serene coastline, guarding its fine beaches and clean waters. This site is one of Spains best coastlines of fine sand along the Mediterranean.


Costa Almeria is part of the Costa Almeria province, which is very unique in its landscape of barren wastelands against its idyllic coast. It is a favored spot for tourists looking for serene beaches, history, charming fishing ports and the hustle and bustle of modernism. But this place also offers natures best with its unspoiled beauty for those who are nature lovers.

Almeria is the capital of Costa Almeria, which is very historical. Tourists are attracted to the various commercialized spots such as the towns of Almeria, El Ejido and Roquetas del Mar, but there are also serene and charming coastal spots like the Mojacar, Garrucha, Vera, Turre and Bedar mountain villages. More and more tourists are flocking to enjoy these picturesque sights and cultures.

East of Almeria spans the natural Cabo de Gata Park, which lines the coastline with its natural wonders of fauna and flora. Though the park does not have many inhabitants – mainly village fishermen – this area has been growing in popularity for its nature walks over beaches and coves along the coast.

The town, Cabo de Gata, is serene and quite unimpressive, so one might want to go to other livelier tourist towns like San Jose, La Isleta or Los Escullos to the north, to enjoy more intriguing coves and clean beaches.


This has to be the best tourist spot in Costa Almeria as attested by its popularity. Its spectacular location in the Sierra Cabrera Mountains makes it unrivalled in its natural beauty, attracting many tourists of various types, such as painters, artists, photographers and poets, besides the obvious holiday makers.

This Arabic looking town was once a Moorish fortress settlement and is now filled with a labyrinth of narrow alleys and concealed corners complete with charming bars and quaint tourist shops. It is said that Walt Disney was sired right here in Mojacar before he migrated to the US.


This northern town has long stretches of sandy serene beaches that welcome nudist sunbathers, as this place is growing more popular with nature lovers.

Roquetas del Mar

This is considered one of Costa Almerias best tourist spots. It plays a significant role as the areas fishing village with natural parks and well-known offerings of cuisine. Its best local specialty is the lobster and pasta selections, which are definite local favorites, besides the fresh fried fish.

This tourist spot, only a 15-minute drive from the capital, Almeria, is classified as a National Tourist Interest center; one can enjoy the annual festivities held here.

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