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Places Of Tourist Interest In Spain

In reality it is very difficult to make a list of places of tourists interest in Spain. As you know, Spain has many places which are of interest for the tourists. As a matter of fact, it is estimated that there are more than 10000 monumental buildings spread over the entire length and breadth of Spain. There are thousands of parks and museums, innumerable beaches measuring about 220 kms in length and tall mountains running to several kms. In short, every city and even village in Spain has something or the other which is of interest for the tourists. So, an attempt is made to introduce some of the most popular interesting tourist spot in Spain:

Donana National Park:

When you visit Andalusia, the place you will never miss is this park and once you visit this park, be certain that you will visit the park again and again in your subsequent tours. Particularly, those who have fascination for bird watching will certainly visit this park again and again. Many species of birds like spoonbills, doves, wood sandpiper, great spotted cuckoo, golden oriole, storks, ruff vultures, necked nightjar, black kites, purple gallinule etc can be spotted in this park. Apart from this there are many wild animals including reptiles, wild boars, Egyptian Mongoos, fallow deer, red deer etc.

The park also has many varieties of floral species like red lavender, cistus scrub, uniper, stone pines rock roses, tree heaths, cistus heather with narrow leaves mastic tree etc. To reach the park, the tourist has to take a boat and cross the Guadalquivir River. The park is a restricted area and the tourists are taken inside the park by the officials in batches and of course tourists have to go round the park by foot.

Park Guell:

This is one of the most popular tourist spots of Barcelona. Most area of the park is carved out of the stone tiling etc. The beautiful dragon fountain at the entrance of the park is made out of colored stones and it speaks of the masterly work of sculpture. The park is designed by the renowned architect Eusebi Guell. Guell has created many other monumental buildings in and around Barcelona. The terraced area of the park is made of colored tiles which is unbelievably beautiful. Hypostyle chamber, serpent seating is the other areas which are of interest in this park. This park is considered to be one of the best designed parks in Spain.

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