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Places to Visit in Johannesburg

Recently I visited Johannesburg, city and provincial capital of Gauteng in South Africa. I found it very interesting, as it offers a lot to see and enjoy to visitors. To visit there you can choose any of the cheap flights available for Johannesburg. There are various distinct places to visit in Johannesburg. You can also explore the destinations like Cape Town and Durban on visiting Johannesburg.

Following are the major tourist attractions:

Kruger National Park: It is the largest game reserve in South Africa. It has 8 main gates for the entrance. There are 1,982 species of plants. There are 517 species of birds found at Kruger, 253 are residents, 117 non-breeding migrants, and 147 nomads. You can see African Buffalos, Giraffes, Black Rhinoceros, Bushbucks, Cheetahs, Impalas, etc. There are 114 species of reptile, including 3000 crocodiles.

Apartheid Museum: You must plan your travel in such a way so that you get some time to see Apartheid Museum. It offers a lot to see. There are two gates for entrance; one for white peoples another for black peoples. It is closed on Mondays, Good Friday and Christmas. The layout and presentation of exhibition area is very efficient.

Gold Reef City: It is the largest amusement park located on an old gold mine. Jozi Express, the Anaconda, the River Rapids, the Tower of Terror are popular rides at Gold Reef City. You can visit there at affordable prices. Nelson Mandela National Museum: It is one of the largest tourist attractions in South Africa. It is made out of the former house of Nelson Mandela, and is filled with his personal artifacts.

Johannesburg Zoo: It has a large variety of wild animals. It contains white lion and Siberian tigers. There are 3000 different species of wild animals.

You can also visit Johannesburg Art Gallery, Soweto, Museum Africa, Civic Theater, etc. It has various beautiful beaches and resorts. Accommodation in South Africa is available under your budget. It attracts tourist from all over the world. You can book cheap flights to visit Johannesburg. You must visit there, as it can be a learning experience for you and your kids. It offers a lot to learn, see and enjoy for all age groups

It costs around 370-400 GBP for flights to Johannesburg from various locations around the world. Some of the flights offering services to Joburg are Etihad, Iberia, Emirates, Air France and KLM.

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