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Popular Place to Visit

A lot of people come to visit and take a short break in Wales and Pembrokeshire holiday and they always come back for repeat visits. There are many reasons for this as this small country on the southwest of Wales is fondly known as a holiday hub of sorts and is quite the popular destination. Thousands of visitors come here to experience the beauty of this place.

Coastal areas

One of the most prominent places that is very apparent to those who spend a short break in Wales and Pembrokeshire holiday is the coast, as this country is covered or surrounded by the sea on three sides. Most of the Pembrokeshire border consists of coastline and non more apparent for visitors than the Pembrokeshire Coast Path, which is located within the Pembrokeshire National Park. It is made up of over 300 kilometers of man-made walkway that encompasses protected countryside, beautiful and pristine coastline and unbelievable woodland. Coming here on that short break in Wales and Pembrokeshire holiday is well worth the effort just from this one location alone. Here you will find everything to need to know about Pembrokeshire. The land, nature, the culture and history are all encompassed here in this one protected estuary.

Resorts and activities

There are also a number of resorts available all year round here for a short break in Wales and Pembrokeshire holiday and they offer the best activities that one might be looking for. You have quite a wide choice of locations and it really depends on what you want to achieve during your visit for a short break in Wales and Pembrokeshire holiday. There are many locations where you can bring the family, amazing amusement parks with thrill rides and crazy water rides for that adrenaline rush for the whole family. Places that offer treetop tours for kids that will enlighten their minds about nature and wildlife, water resorts that offer year round indoor tropical weather and more sports activities for the more spirited individuals like surfing, water skiing, mountain biking, paintball and shooting. There are also some archery ranges for the more old-world feel and of course the ever popular long hikes across the countryside. These are but a few of the activities you will experience during your unforgettable trip to Pembrokeshire and all throughout Wales, the place, the people, the culture and the experience does certainly leave a mark.

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