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Reasons India is an Ideal Tourist Destination

India is a really beautiful country and rich in culture. Visiting India creates new and unique experiences to all travelers. As the largest democracy in the globe, its charming views attract such a lot of tourists each year.


Known for its spirituality and cultural heritage, India is a country with some of the most beautiful and wonderful tourist’s destinations and that is the reason why the tourism of India does not fail to enchant travelers with its variety. Rich cultural heritage, adventure, beautiful beaches, historical monuments, the variety of hills and mountains, breath taking landscapes, deserts and a rich flora and fauna are some of the main attractions of India tour. Whether you travel to the southern part or the beautiful northern India, you will always find something incredible experiences on every step. Whether you like serene atmosphere or the adventure, India is able to fulfill all your desires. The Himalayan region of India makes you want to know everything about the miraculous beauty of the mountains.


On one hand where the Northern India presents you the magnificent opportunities to travel around the Paradise on earth “Kashmir”, the extremely serene Himachal Pradesh and the wild park of Uttaranchal at the foot of Himalayan region, the national capital of India “Delhi” will make you enjoy and understand the history of India through its variety of historical monuments. The India travel and tourism is not just vast and welcoming but it makes the tourist fall in love with the country. The symbol of love “The Taj Mahal” in Agra is said to be India’s star attraction.


The Western region on the other hand provides the majestic culture and royalty of Rajasthan, Gujarat and Punjab. These are the most magnificent cities with the attractions like forts, Havelis, palatial palaces, holy temples, wildlife parks and sanctuaries, Gurudwaras and a lot of other attracts. The taste of food will make you eat more than you can chew and the dresses will make look even more charming. The eastern India is even more interesting with the variety of places like Sikkim and Assam, which is known to be the green tourism of India.


And of course, one cannot ignore the famous states like Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, which are widely known for the beautiful temples and the caves. Ajanta and Ellora cave are the word famous and amazing attraction of Maharashtra state that represent the golden period of art in ancient India. The southern places like Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala are extensively known for the beauty of hills, beaches, temples etc.


Even after such variety, the travel in India is affordable and the India holiday packages offered by many reputed tourism companies make it easier for everyone to enjoy the beauty and the charm of the most mesmerizing country in the world. The blend of uniqueness and variety, India is indeed the most wonderful tourist destination!


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