Two thousand years of history

Zaragoza is a city in Spain with two thousand years of history. Just like most of the cities in Spain, Zaragoza has been occupied through the centuries by the Romans, Jews, Christians, and even the Moors. The city’s streets are marked by monuments from those times. These vestiges come to show us the face of long lost ages; ages that have transformed the city into what it is today. The Roman ruins are a UNESCO World Heritage site; there are also the Circus and the Aljaferia Palace. Worth visiting are the churches built in the Mudejar style and the Baroque constructions, such as the Pilar Basilica. Zaragoza is the place where tourists can see the amazing work of Francisco de Goya, so it is the perfect destination for those who are in love with art and culture.

Leisure activities in Zaragoza

If you are afraid that there is nothing else to do in Zaragoza except sightseeing, you are wrong. Zaragoza can offer a multitude of activities: theatres, festivals, exhibitions, and concerts are available throughout the year. For those who are young and restless, the nightlife in Zaragoza is famous. There are numerous nightclubs, pubs, and bars that stay open until sunrise, and are always ready to entertain anyone who decides to cross their thresholds. There is a constant festive spirit in Zaragoza. Even though the city is old, its spirit is young. Tourists come during the Easter period to watch the processions and, in October, to take part in the El Pilar Fiesta. This festival is full of life: concerts, bullfighting, traditional folklore, and cuisine, which attracts thousands of tourists every year.

The surroundings of Zaragoza

When you go to Zaragoza, you don’t necessarily have to stay just in the city; the surroundings are also something that you shouldn’t miss. Wonderful landscapes and countryside, with spa resorts and picturesque villages, are at your disposal when you decide to go away from the madding city.

Villas in Zaragoza

Most tourists who intend to visit Spain usually search for hotels, not knowing about the possibility of renting villas. Villas offer the same conditions as hotels and, in addition, are all very rustic and traditionally built. They all keep the spirit of the Spaniards alive, with tradition, culture, and customs. If you go to Zaragoza, choose one of the villas in Tobed, Gallocanta, or Carenas.  

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