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Regarding tourism destinations are concerned, Nuwara Eliya many. Hindu mythological epic Ramayana who are familiar with, the temple of “Sita Sita Kovil or place of interest would be. According to legend, the king of the kingdom in northern Sri Lanka, Ravana abducted Sita and Sri Lanka brought to the Queen. It is believed that is where the temple is located, he kept. There is a big foot prints too, for the Lord Hanuman is considered. Even worse non-believers felt strange and weird experience to overcome as they stood there looking at the green mountains covered in mist, will wonder what all this must be a witness to so many centuries were . Just a little ahead of Sita Kovil Hakgala Botanical Garden, which is an interesting place to visit. Spread over a large area, the nature lovers out there to keep you busy for hours is enough. Colombo Candy cities (general Nuvara called locally) after Sri Lanka is crucial. Historically, the candy is important because it was the last state to be free from colonization. On the road from Colombo, the first major city you will encounter when traveling to the Central Highlands. The first thing you notice about the candy may be large lake in the city center. On one side of the border of the lake’s largest Buddhist temple Dalada Maligawa teeth and Sri Lanka is one of the places of pilgrimage. It is believed that with a period of several centuries, having traveled many miles from the Relics of India sacred tooth of Buddha, and then people who wanted to destroy it, for reasons of protecting the island within found its final resting place in the temple. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The various rituals in the temple during the day around three in the evening around 5:30 and 9:00 and 6:30 in the morning hours are worked may. Esala Perahera, around July or August full moon fell on the annual festival in honor of the relics. The entire event with a traditional Kandyan dancers see the beautifully decorated elephants, fireworks and what is not is sight. It is also interesting to note that when the tooth relic is taken out for public exhibition, it almost always rains. There are many good hotels are dotted around the lake on all sides. Near the temple of the center candy Dental modern city and a commercial complex, which is a mixture of old and new of this wonderful city, beautiful is a good example. A suburb of the city of Kandy Peradeniya. The great University of Peradeniya and Royal Botanical Gardens, the island is home to the largest. Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa two cities, with candy, cultural triangle known as Sri Lanka is complete. If you’re a history buff and are interested in the ancient heritage of Sri Lanka, these places are not to be missed. These cities are both World Heritage sites were once flourishing in the capitals of Sri Lanka former state. Sri Lanka was the first ancient capital of Anuradhapura, and the ruins that were here can be seen today is the story of a stable and prosperous state until the century AD 11th century BC 4th century was rich in South Indian Chola Empire since he sacked the capital of Polonnaruwa has said. Polonnaruwa Polonnaruwa during the reign of King Parakramabahu was considered the golden age. In both cities, several temples, reservoirs and ponds, stupas, statues of kings and Lord Buddha and ruins scattered around the castle and of course one of these two cities rich in history and archeology will get an idea of the importance worthwhile. Selling in Anuradhapura, Sri Maha Bodhi tree, which is said to have grown a plant has been introduced, which sacred Bodhi tree in India, Buddha received enlightenment from the 3rd century BC East it. In Polonnaruwa, the sea is a place worth visiting Parakrama. It is actually a reservoir was built in the 4th century AD, the city is to keep the ocean, but a car, so the name appears as wide as the “sea”. There is more to the town of Dambulla Cricket more! Yes, there is a cricket stadium of international standard, but did you know that this historic city is also a World Heritage site? Dambulla, Sigiriya is next, is famous for its cave temples. These temples are located around the cave 160m above the city. Five most important caves are grouped here for tickets after paying a small sum can be seen. History of many guides available that you place the statues of Buddha and other deities are different symbols will be familiar. It is interesting to consider the fact that some of the second century BC caves date back to the refuge by King Valagamba that were used during his time in exile. If we talk about cultural triangle of Sri Lanka, in the center of the triangle Sigiriya and Dambulla. This in itself grounds and visit Sigiriya and Polonnaruwa and Anuradhapura day trips would be wise to find. Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka is a place to visit, a 2243 m high mountain is located near the south end of the central highlands. The most amazing thing about this mountain is that it teaches us the unity of religions. He is revered by people of all religions without distinction. Mountain is called “Mr. Pada ‘or’ Holy Footprint ‘refers to the brand at the top of the mountain. Buddhists believe the footprint of Buddha, Hindus believe that it is the footprint of Lord Shiva, Christians and Muslims for Adam, first man to mark the footprint of St. Thomas. Best time to climb the mountain from March to December when the camps and facilities are better around. Most of the passengers began to rise around midnight and reached the peak hours to see the spectacular sunrise. Make sure to take lots of warm clothing. Pilgrims descend immediately, because once the sun comes out, often becomes unbearably hot. Sri Lanka flora and fauna and wildlife of many nature reserves, one of the few in the world with the highest density of leopards daughter Oya National Park where large herds of elephants can be seen, Yala National Park are home is rich in Ravana Ella and Ravana is known is that the wildlife sanctuary and caves of the Hindu epic Ramayana is important. These places are rich in amazing landscapes and natural resources. It is therefore difficult to choose to write about. However, the Sinharaja Biosphere Reserve is the largest among these people, not only because it is a World Heritage site by UNESCO, but also one of the last rainforests left in the world. Density of vegetation there are fewer animals to see, but the forest is a dream come true for plants botanist who want to study, because many of them from Sri Lanka. Free from the grip of the recent ethnic conflict in the country today in many places that tourists, even before the locals were out of reach to open it. A place in northern Jaffna district, said local Yaalpaanam. It is a narrow strip of land connected to the mainland of Sri Lanka called Elephant Island to consider. Jaffna shallow lagoons and islands. Nagadipa the largest islands that would be a pure Viharya or Buddhist temple. Jaffna Tamils in Sri Lankan culture and traditions here, enjoy. Other places worth visiting Jaffna Fort, Nallur Kandaswamy temple and a Hindu temple on the outskirts of Jaffna. Prayer book at the right time is held six times a day, five to six o’clock in the morning and evening prayer in the finale is launched. The best way to visit the Temple period July, August / want in the annual festival is organized. If shopping is what you want, you can buy tea, available in many flavors can. Local crafts are another option. Batik work locally produced is amazing. Batik is an art of fabric using wax and dye. You wall hangings, saris and other items that are used in art can not afford. Gems and Jewellery available here are another thing to consider. In fact, cities Ratnapura (literally, the city of gems) and sapphires rubies and emeralds are known for. You can also carry a variety of quality spices. There are many countries where spices you can learn more about agriculture and uses a variety of spices are scattered throughout the garden. Made-from-india.com is a B2B Portal which provide global members to visit India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, China, Australia and other Asian country with affordable price offers. URL : http://www.made-from-india.com/article/Sri-Lanka-Tourism-Srilanka-Business-710.html

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