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Sundarbans National Park – Travel guide

The Sundarbans national park is the biggest wildlife sanctuary in India in terms of area, situated on the state of West Bengal it is half land and half water a part of which falls in the territory of Bangladesh. It has the privilege of been included in the UNESCO world heritage site apart from this the entire area is covered by thick mangrove forest was declared as the Biosphere Reserve in the year 1989, thus there is a high degree of care deployed for the hassle free growth and nurturing of the wildlife at the Sundarbans. The dense forest adds to the majestic beauty of the Sunderban National Park which is the home to the biggest tiger reserves in India popularly known as the rayal bangal tiger. The rayal bangal tiger is the main captivating factor which attracts adventure freaks and wildlife lovers from across the world. Sundarbans is the home to variety of flora and fauna which also includes an apt conservation for Redely sea turtles besides which one can easily spot the Rhesus monkeys and the Chital deers. There are about 300 rayal bangal tigers in the Sundarbans and almost 30,000 Chital deers according to the official data. One can imagine the diversity of the Sundarbans with such a huge number of wildlife present there.

Indian tiger tour gives an enthralling experience and is highly popular among the tourists all across the w globe. There are a number of wildlife sanctuaries which are known for the tiger reserves, but Sundarbans is the most acclaimed amongst all the wildlife sanctuaries and the huge number of tourists visiting it bears the testimony for this. The government has made strict laws which aid in the preservation of tigers which is also the national animal of India. Moreover the wild life tours to the Sundarbans is an ultimate wacky experience by which one is able to see the opulence of the nature and it is pleasure seeing the diversity of wildlife thriving in their natural ambience. Travel guide is the best way to go for a tour to Sundarbans as he is the person highly aware of the entire area and would plan our travel depending on the duration of visit ensuring that one doesn’t miss any of the hot spots in the Sundarbans National Park. The travel guide takes over all our apprehensions regarding fooding, lodging and tour planning. The apt time to visit the wildlife sanctuary is from the months of December to February as the climate is highly humid.

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