Presenting an opportunity to avail the most advanced form of treatment, embryonic stem cell transplantation, various healthcare centers in nations like India, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong are catering to both urgent and elective needs through this. In fact, they have already amassed popularity among the new breed of travelers, the global medical tourists, who suffer from incurable conditions and long-standing illnesses and see no ray of hope except this newly developed multi-utility medical treatment. Although the stem cell therapy is not offered in America, the positive results of the same have been documented in health tourism hubs. Certainly seen as a medical breakthrough, stem cell therapy comes to the rescue of not just one or two but a large number of diseases and conditions. People being plagued by multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s syndrome, diabetes mellitus, pulmonary damage due to COPD and smoking, cardiac insufficiency, ischaemic cardiopathy, and those seeking cellular cardio implant to repair tissue are turning towards this experimental treatment. As with all other good things, stem cell therapy couldn’t have been kept down by US. The research for the same medical technology emigrated, and now, hundreds and thousands of patients are flocking towards the above mentioned Asian countries in order to seek the treatment in question. Given the ever increasing general awareness among the public anywhere and everywhere in the world, the demand for stem cell therapy, too, has substantially increased beyond what the ‘Western medicine’ can immediately provide. Therefore, one can definitely see an exodus of sorts of patients from Europe, US and Canada towards the health tourism destinations. And, this only happens to be a small fraction of the forever rising flood of medical tourism the developed world has been struck with. Apart from the easy accessibility of stem cell therapy, there are other factors that are pulling the crowds in. affordability is the prime reason and whereas international standards of health and hygiene and world-class infrastructure of medical tourism hospitals seems to form the second one.

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