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The Most Impractical Tourist Attractions

Around the world there are some amazing structures, buildings, beautiful sights, views and tourist attractions. However these are not always accessible to many due to how they are built, many do not have disabled access, and furthermore, many tall structures do not even have lifts or stairlifts to offer a quick, easier route to the top. With cheap flights only becoming available in recent years, many people of older generations were not able to visit such places when they were younger and more able bodied. Here are a number of structures that should look into installing lifts, or stairlifts depending on the structural allowances to enable all visitors to get better views, see the entire building and have less restrictions.

Notre Dame Cathedral – There is 402 steps to climb up the Notre Dame tower to get an amazing view of the city of Paris. Stairlifts on these stairs would I’m sure be a long journey up, but how exciting to gradually climb such an amazing structure to the top of a something that they never thought they would be able to.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa – Going up The Leaning Tower of Pisa is quite the experience, and why should it be restricted to the fit and healthy who can march to the top? Stairlifts in this structure would allow others to access the beautiful views.

The Sacre-Couer – This is at the top of many steps and there is no disabled access, outdoor stairlifts could be installed on the many staircases that there are leading up to structure.

Kensington Palace – There is only 30 shallow steps to the state apartments so it shouldn’t be a huge job to get some stairlifts installed there to aid visitors who may need help up the stairs.

The Tower of London – The building is full of uneven floors and many stairs, making it very difficult for anyone in a wheelchair or someonewho has difficulty walking to get around the place. Lifts or stairlifts would be much more ideal, however currently these are not available.

These are just a few examples of places that people in wheelchairs or people who have difficulties walking up stairs will not be able to visit, however many places have proved that it is possible to provide disabled access even with difficult and bizarre structures. The lift in the Eiffel tower will allow access to anyone to see the amazing views of the Parisian roofs, I think stairlifts on the legs of the structure may be slightly hazardous, although probably the best ride on a stairlift one would ever encounter!

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