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Top 10 Cuisines of Tourist Destinations

Besides sight-seeing, cuture-experiencing, mountain or forest adventure, eating can be the most wonderful part of traveling. It is regretful if you skip the unique food of each tourist destination. To help you gain more cuisine knowledge, following are some of the world’s greatest national dishes.


Doner kebab in Istanbul, Turkey

Now most of the Turkey’s restaurants still serve grilled mutton of buttered rice in a traditional ingredient of doner kebab. However, nowadays it is much more remarkable than  its fastfood relative – pita bread covered by spit-roasted meat, with salad and yoghurt sauce over.

It’s enjoyable in İstanbul to serve yourself with a doner and then travel Sultanahmet or along the Bosphorus with sauce and some lettuce, its typical recipe.


Pasta in Naples, Italy

Where pasta in Italy comes from is still a big question. However, it is accepted that pasta was produced in the 18th century when Naples city had brought the mixing of flour and water to a foodstuff industry.

It is advisable to have beeline for a trattoria when you wander the streets of Naples’ historic centre.


Steamed dumplings in Shanghai, China

The delicious morsel enjoyed with a hot broth matched with pork, crab meat or vegetables is popular in Shanghai, China. It is best for you to fill the dumplings with special gelatin when you see the steamed bun.

Do not crunch the dumpling between your teeth


Tapas in Barcelona, Spain

Tapas in Spain is diversified with a number of well-known snacks, such as potatoes in a spicy tomato sauce, fried squid, roasted peppers.

Tourists love to wander their way in Plaça de Catalunya and enjoy tapas with a chopstick or by hand.


Gumbo in New Orleans, USA

Listening to jazz and ordering a steaming pot of gumbo will get you inspired a feeling as a real life of the locals in New Orleans. A broth of seafood or smoked meats, matched with a wheat-and-fat mixture called roux, and splashed over a mountain of rice is Louisiana’s favorite dish.

New Orleans shoots to fame thanks to numerable variations, from classic Creole style to pungent Cajun.


Feijoada in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Feijoada, a dark and spicy stew built on black beans and pork, is praised by cuisine lovers in their Carnaval in honour of Brazil’s national meal. Remember that such a unique speciality prepared for full consumption in Rio’s restaurants regularly consists of pared-down pieces of pork.

Be aware that this hearty recipe is a challenge for digestion of any stomach, so please relax or take a nap after eating it.


Curry in Mumbai, India

Curries, a phenomenon over Asia, comes from India. You must try one in Mumbai to have a real taste. A mixture of spices named masala blended with seafood and coconut produces a so-called typical Mumbai curry.

If you want to cook by yourself, here is recommended spices: turmeric, ginger, coriander and red chilli.


Couscous in Casablanca, Morocco

At the arrival in Casablanca, it is advisable for you order a cup of mint tea and a plate of couscous to enjoy Morocco’s taste. I bet that you will have an unforgettable journey. The couscous grain is made from semolina and steamed again and again in a special pot (couscoussier).

Either vegetables or a mixture of meat and veggies will create a spicy dish.


Nasi Goreng in Penang, Malaysia

It is certain that any visitors travelling to Malaysia will prefer the simple nasi goring. Nasi goring means “fried rice” and also welcomed across Indonesia and Singapore. It is cooked by rice with chicken or seafood, eggs, vegetables and sweet soy sauce.

This is one of few dishes available anywhere in Malaysia but best sampled within the crowded centres, for example, the island of Penang.


Hot dog in New York City, USA

In New York, hot dog is a polular fastfood that any tourist longs to get one filled with mountain of mustard, onions, sauerkraut, and chilli sauce.

If you want more challenge, head to Nathan’s, Coney Island, on 4 July and join the famous contest: Hot Dog Eating


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