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Top 10 Tourist Attractions In Caracas, Venezuela

Caracas is the capital city of Venezuela. Despite of its negative reputation due to the violence and pickpockets this city has plenty of attractions to present to its visitors, and also numerous Venezuela hotels to fit all their needs.

Hotels in Caracas offer all types of accommodation- from budget hotels in Venezuela to luxury five star hotels.

Here is a list of the TOP 10 Attractions which you dont have to miss visiting while you are on your holiday in Caracas, Venezuela.

1. Capilla de Santa Rosa de Lima:

This monument is located west of Concejo Municipal and commemorates the place where congress proclaimed independence in 1811. The chapel holds its ancient embellishments and furnishings and has been rebuilt.

2.Casa Amarilla:

Located on the west of Plaza Bolivar, this is the 17th century balconied building named as the Yellow House. Initially it was a royal prison and after the independence, it was restored with lemon yellow paint and was made the presidential residence.

3.Casa Natal de Bolvar:

It is the house of the famous independence idol Simon Bolivar. At the moment, what you see is the rebuilt mansion converted into a museum displaying period weapons, banners, and uniforms. More about it may be glimpsed in the near by Museo Bolivariano.

4. Catedral:

Originally created in the 16th century as a mere mud-walled construction, this chapel on the east of Plaza Bolivar was rebuilt between 1665 and 1713 to have the current gilded altars and intricate carvings. Only the broad five-nave interior residing on 32 columns was rejuvenated in the late 19th century.

5.Hipdromo La Rinconada:

Located 6 km southwest off the Autopista del Valle, this is the perfect horse-racing track which is adorned with racing on Saturday and Sunday afternoons at 13:00.

6.Iglesia de San Francisco:

Located south of the Capitolio Nacional, this church is here since 1570s after which it has undergone rejuvenation during the 17th and 18th centuries. The neoclassical facade on the church is simply fantastic as well as its well-preserved colonial interior.

7.Iglesia Santa Capilla:

Constructed on the place of first mass marked right after the discovery of the town, this is the neo-Gothic church designed on the basis of the Sainte Chapelle of Paris.

8.Jardin Botanico:

Botanical Gardens are just in ten minutes walk west to the tough roads from Sabana Grande. The garden welcomes you together with the plants from all around the globe, the interlacing trees, swathed vines, and singing birds.

9.Museo de Ciencias Naturales:

Sitting across the circle from Bellas Artes, this museum holds the historical past of evolution, minerals, and fossils as well as some details on the local languages and astronomy.

10.Parque del Este:

Located over a part of a former coffee plantation, this can be the largest park within the city. This is a prefect experience for botanical lovers to explore the labeled trees and plants. On a Sunday, this area is full of playing children, soccer games, religious groups, martial art classes, and jogging people. Don’t miss its snake house, aviary and cactus garden, and on astral displays in the Planetario Humboldt.

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