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Top 10 Tourist Places In Portland

Portland is the northern most contiguous city of US. It is the largest city in Northwest Pacific. Portland is a major educational, economic and cultural centre, however to all that, the tourist industry is also well built in the city. This article states the top 10 places that get most visits by the tourists.

Firstly, there is The Space Needle and Portland Fairgrounds. In 1962 Portland goes this landmark, the Space Needle. It is a rotating restaurant on the top of the tower. This restaurant is 600 meter high above the ground and gives a priceless view. The food is a bit expensive but excellent anyway. The lower portion of the tower has been converted to performing and media arts centre. Secondly; there is meeting you at the pig. It is the most famous marketplace of Portland, this open air shopping marketplace has been open for nearly a century, where all kind of people came to sell their merchandise like farmers, butchers etc. Thirdly; Doc Maynards Underground Tours. Portland was built on the shore of Elliot bay. In their haste to make new port city as quickly as possible, the people didnt give any thought to tide tables. These tides continued to come and then go away, as a result people converted their first floors in to the ground floor. Doc Maynards tour takes you to the original city that was built.

Fourthly; the Portland Aquarium, is located at pier 59. The aquarium is a science exhibit and kid a source of knowledge for the people, the aquarium is open every day, there is all kind of seawater creatures displayed, the tourist can even touch some of the marine life in there. Other than that, they cans see sharks, sea otters etc and understand the spawning habits and life cycle of Northwest Pacific sea creatures. Fifthly; Ferry to an Island. This ferry service provides a mode of transporting you and your car to the inhabited and developed islands present near the city. A person can go these islands and enjoy his stay. A person doesnt get bored as there are quite a number of places, which one can visit along with that a variety of eatables keep a persons attention. Sixthly; Queen Annes Hill. This hill has quite expensive Victorian homes and restaurant. However, the homes are worth seeing, as they are quite beautiful.

Seventhly; The Museum of Flight, this is the biggest flight museum of earth, it has the first plane that was ever built to the last plane that was recently built. It is a place, which adults and old like alike. Some of the planes are tied up from the roof or some are present on exhibits, the museum also contains the jet fighters as well as helicopter in its collection from all around the world. Eighthly; Boeing plant. If anyone interested in planes, then they should take tour of Boeing plant where they can see how the planes are built and what measures are taken to make a plane and many other things. Ninthly; the pioneer square, it has the first tallest skyscrapers and housed made of bricks. Tenthly; Alki point; it is a place where the lighthouse was built and whose bulb was stolen and later appeared for sale in nautical artifacts.

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