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Top Happiest Places worldwide

Where are you living? Does your living environment provide you a strong sense of satisfaction? It is highly likely that the answer is “No” and surely you wish a change for the better. However, if it is “Yes’, why don’t you give yourself a try to refresh and recharge with a quite new place that you have not heard before?. Let’s have a brief overview on the best-in-the-world worth-living areas selected by the website Lonely Planet and then make your sensible decision. There’s every likelihood that these following places will be a source of inspiration to your discovery and adventure


Malawi-“The warm heart of Africa”


Malawi is popular with the friendliness and hospitality of the people here. No matter where you go, from busy markets to forests filled with elephants, you will be given warm welcome.

Denmark-the promising land


Life in Denmark is undoubtedly desirable for its high living standard, clean environment and streets for bicycles only as well as restaurants serving outstanding European food.

Vanuatu with peace and quite sea


Vanuatu, with spectacularly blue sea, green fan-palm and white sand bank is perfectly suitable for tourists yearning to escape the crowd and get back to the nature. Moreover, Vanuatu certainly leaves you with the comfortable feeling due to the fact that the people here are a surprise. You will be under no pressure to buy and to pay because they really want to share with you the calm and tranquility in their country.

Bhutan, “The land of Thunder Dragon”


Bhutan,which is a unique place situated between India and China, is among the most isolated countries in the world. Remember that you are not allowed to buy cigarettes in this nation and rice pink comes as a big surprise to tourists. It is extraordinarily interesting to experience life without modern things like cell phones or internet.

Montreal, “A cultural chameleon”


Montreal, Canada, will capture tourists’ attention by its diversification of cultural identity. Also, Just For Laugh festival held in July will give you a laugh-out-loud with the brilliant performance of leading actors in the world. Once you arrive at Montreal, you will feel a burning desire to come back.

Wildlife in Texas


The biggest attraction for visitors seeking something out of the ordinary is the wealth of wildlife in Texas, known as “Happy state” in the USA. Large tracts of the state are still covered by virgin forests, home to a huge range of flora and fauna. Additionally, Palo Dura- the second largest canyon in the US or Bizon – a very valuable and large cow are interesting things that you should know when coming to Texas.

Beautiful landscape in Columbia


Columbia, a country in South-America continent, will give you a sense of pleasure by its sandy and sun-drenched beach and exciting festival costume.

Romantic scene in Tian Xing Yong Le


A quite outstanding place in China is Tian Xing Yong Le (Forever Happiness) temple, located in the ancient valley with magnificent waterfalls and mysterious caves. If you take the chance of visiting this place, rock climbing, passing green forests are the most interesting activities.

Classical architecture in Andorra


People in Andorra, the area between France and Spain, have the highest life expectancy all over the world-83.5 thanks to the fresh air and many outside activities like skiing in the winter or cycling in the summer. It will be the very ideal place to enjoy!



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