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Top Tourist Spots You Should Not Miss in Memphis, Tennessee

There are many places for you to enjoy when you visit the largest city in Tennessee which is Memphis. When you travel, you would think of utilizing all your time and hope that you would not miss out the top spots for the tourists. When you tour the state, you will be able to see why it has contributed a lot to the history and culture of the country.

You have to understand that this state is the birthplace of rock and roll because this is where Elvis Presley and his family lived. Specifically at Graceland in 3734 Elvis Presley Boulevard, you will be able to witness the graveyard of the family and also their trophy room. There are also shops to visit just within the street. When traveling, you must remember to bring your streetwise stun baton for safety.

Aside from the famed Elvis Presley, you can also try to visit the place where Martin Luther King was assassinated. It was a great leap in the fight for equality by the African-Americans. You will learn about his efforts when you visit the National Civil Rights Museum. Specifically at the old Lorraine Hotel, his room was preserved and even the balcony where he was killed.

The Peabody Hotel is another tourist destination which you should not miss. This is quite a strange place because the residents are what they call as the Peabody Ducks. They march freely within the lobby and they return to their apartment during the evening. You can take a picture while seeing these ducks walk freely in the area. It would be a great sight most especially if you bring your kids with you.

Moreover, if you are a music lover, you would know the Sun Studio. It is where famous artists like Elvis and Johnny Cash have recorded their music. You can tour around the studio and the museum to see the evolution of good music through time. They allow musicians to rent the recording studio especially when you want to create music and be motivated by the legendary musicians.

You can also visit the Beale Street which is a very lively area in Memphis. It is a home for different shops and entertainment areas. You can visit the clubs and restaurants that flood the place. During the day, you can stop by different stores and at night, be with your friends at the clubs to drink, talk, laugh, and dance and enjoy the lively music. Bring along your rechargeable stun gun for more safety.

Lastly, you might want to try to visit the Stax Museum of American Soul. It is a place where you will learn about the rich history of the rhythm and blues music. You will be able to see what people wear when they play in front of a large crowd in the past. There are also collectible items and the instruments which will give an idea of what they use.

These are the places which you can stop by especially when you try to visit the state of Tennessee, in the city of Memphis.

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