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Tourist Attractions During “Namibia Safari”

Namibia is one of the most gorgeous countries in Africa and has full of enthusiasm for any person who desires to experience some thrill in their life must decide Namibia as their first choice. It is considered as a tourist’s paradise with its natural beauty and grandeur for photographers owing to its natural beauty. Namibia is considered as the paradise the top tourist destinations that a person should visit during Namibia safari are listed and the Namibian safari is the best option and paradise with its natural beauty for tourists who want to enjoy African undomesticated life, spiritual landscapes and deserts. There are plenty of tourist attractions for the people who are on Namibian safari and they can experience a whole new life in this part of Africa.

Namibia Desert:
The most attractive tourist destination during a Namibia safari is the Namib Desert. Namib Desert can be described as land covered with sand dunes and barren plains. The visual beauty of the Namib Desert cannot be explained and it is considered as one of nature’s gift to mankind. The Namib Desert is situated along the coastline and it has the most unusual features like the Skeleton Coast in the north, the Diamond Coast in the south and Sossusvlei at the center.

The Namibia desert is the top most traveller attractions during Namibia safari and it should not be missed. The diamond shore of the Namibia desert consists of rich deposits of diamonds and as a product of this Africa is one of the biggest producers of diamonds. The cold currents of the freezing meet with the hot dense temperature of the African land at the skeleton coast of Namibia Desert and as a result it is sheltered with opaque fog.

Waterberg Plateau Park:  
You should visit Waterberg Plateau Park during your Namibia safari. Waterberg Plateau Park consists of varied wildlife and watching the wildlife will be a memorable experience for you. Waterberg Plateau Park stays at some two meter above sea level and it has some most striking locations.

Damaraland forest located at this place is dense and it is some 250 years old and Damaraland is another favourite spot during your Namibia safari. Damaraland also consists of some excavations that are from Stone Age days and are very useful for archaeologists. It produces some of the magnificent scenic beauty that you can enjoy during your Namibia safari

Swakopmund is a city, which is famous for its cool temperatures, scenic beauty and preserved German architecture. This is an ideal place for swimming, surfing and fishing being one of the safest coastlines. It is a city that has to be in your list of places to visit during your Namibia safari.

Etosha National Park:
Etosha National Park is the better and oldest bourgeois of wildlife in Namibia. It conserves some of the rarest wildlife and appropriately it is a have to see if you are on Namibia safari. It is a paradise for wildlife photographers.

A visit to all the above places will give you a complete mesmerising and Once in the  life time experience, which you will remember for the rest of your life.

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