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Travel and Tourism in Accra!!!

Capital City of Ghana

If you are planning to travel across Africa and some of the famous and worldwide known destinations, then plan to visit Accra, the capital and the biggest city of Ghana with her astonishing hot spots considered to be a source of fun utilization and recreation. The weather of this stupefying city is tropical Savanna having both types of wet and dry seasons which acts as an invitation for the travelers and tourists to visit the entire city in a comfortable way. If you are traveling to Ghana for the first time in your life you will find this destination more watchful and welcoming especially for the family tour in holidays. This is one of the reasons that thousands of travelers each year travel to this well developed destination of Ghana through their cheap Accra flights.

There are many top ranked international airlines offering quality air traveling services with discounted air fares for this destination of the world and passengers opt to travel through these airlines like British airways, Emirates Airways, Lufthansa Airlines, Arik Air, Alitalia Airlines and many other well known airlines of the world. These airlines are enormously popular for cheap flights to Accra among all those travelers who are in search of discounted air fares from London and all over the world.

Quite similar to the busiest airports Kotoka international airport is located on beautifully adored surroundings and is the busiest airport of Ghana. All the business professionals an tourists traveling to Accra are facilitated in an efficient way to get board on to their secure flights through some leading international airlines. Buildings at the main city centre are the most beautiful and well designed model of architect representing many different offices and international organizations as mentioned above. Tourist can enjoy the development taking place in the whole city as the govt. of Accra is emphasizing more and more to restructure the buildings and to replace the old ones. This will impact on the tourists and visitors traveling this city and booking their cheap flights to Accra.

Hotels and Restaurants in Accra

There are several hotels and restaurants of international standard in which most of the visitors normally check in and enjoy their journey. These luxurious hotels and restaurants are a source of delight, comfort and peace of mind. People who book their flights to Accra for travel and tourism purpose are always keen to have their reservation in these hotels and restaurants.

Several hotels in this glooming and charming capital city which are the major source of traveler’s attraction are as follows;

Novotel Hotel

Afia beach Hotel

Golden Tulip Hotel

Airport View Hotel

M Plaza Hotel

Fiesta Royale Hotel

These hotels are well known and are famous throughout Ghana and are considered best in the country especially for those travelers who have visited this destination earlier in their life. There are several hotels well known as foreign travelers love to check in those hotels which are very famous for their luxurious surroundings. People who travel to Ghana and search for cheap flights to Accra are more conscious about the prices and room services being offered to them. That’s why all above mentioned quite some time is not a hard candy to eat.

The room conditions and services are quite satisfactory for the visitors to check in and the recent government is trying to maintain a standard for the hotel prices especially for the foreign travelers and as a result some continuous changes are taking place. For facilitate the visitors seeking for their cheap flights to Accra, the Ghana travel and tourism authority has also announced its policy for the travelers and tourists so that to facilitate them as much as possible. For this different new rules and guidelines are also given to these hotels and restaurants and strict adherence to these rules is implemented.

Last week I took my Accra flights and found much suiting my interests.

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