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Travel tips

There are more frequent people travelling these days, whether its domestic or International travellers. Because of that, many hotel offers cheap hotel, company offers cheap phone card or calling card to make calls, online web hosting offer good web hosting rate.

 Below is the tips for carrying carry-on luggage and check in luggage that might help to ease and make your travelling goes smoothly during your domestic or International trip.


 • As there are more airlines offer free carry-on luggage, there are increasingly people who do domestic travelling with only carry-on luggage.However, do remember to check for the maximum size and weight for carry-on luggage for your flight. These days, as airlines and airport keep changing their regulation, it is the best to check the maximum size and weight for your carry-on luggage for your airlines. The maximum weight is usually 7-10kg, with the maximum size of 21xm x 40cm x 54cm or 56cm x 45cm x 25cm per bag. Different airlines operate on different policies. Some airlines also only allow 1 carry-on luggage, despite the weight and size. It would just be a waste of time and money when going to the check in and be told that the hand carry is oversize or overweight.

 Do not worry about the small carry-on such as coat, handbag, baby stroller, laptop bag etc, as it can be carried to the cabin and rarely counted as hand-carry. To make your hand-carry luggage easier and more convenient to be carried to your flight, it is good idea to purchase the small rolled luggage or to be more convenient. Purchase the right size carry-on luggage that will just fit nicely under the seat in front of you so that you do not need to squeeze yourself with other to fit into the overhead compartment.

• Items to be packed on Hand / carry-on Luggage

 If you do bring check in luggage, it is important to know that items such as cash, keys, credit cards, cameras, computer, jewellery, medicine, and identification card, business paper should not be pack in check in luggage. Fragile and irreplaceable items should not be packed in check in luggage in the case that there is a possibility that the check in back can get stolen, lost or delayed. Bring and pack the important, fragile and irreplaceable item in your carry-on luggage. It is always safer to put in your hand-carry luggage a bit of toiletries too in the case of long delay.

 • List of things that Must not be Carried in Hand Luggage

With recent changes in airline and airport, many of the items that is permitted to be carried in hand luggage is not banned. The items that is not permitted varies from airport in different countries Explosive and illegal drugs are strictly prohibited. Sharp items such as scissors, penknives, nail clipper, screw driver is not permitted on carry-on baggage in most of country in the world, despite the size. Most airport / airlines only allow liquids, gels or aerosols permit with only less than 100 ml. If you are travelling with baby or in prescription medicine and in need of more liquid to be carried on hand luggage, please ask for advice from the airlines days before your travelling.

 • Pack your carry-on Luggage

 Neatly In some of the airport, the xray system is quite severe. It is suggested to pack the carry-on luggage neatly in the case that the airport inspector wants to inspect the belongings in the carry-on baggage; Fold the cloth neatly, electronic devices and wires coiled properly, liquids, toiletries put in separate bag. The neat packing carry-on luggage will speed up the xray process as the inspector can have clearer view of the content of the bag and it is easier to put the stuff in if any case the inspector wants to inspect some items.

 • Hints for Checked Baggage

 If you have travelled using the travel baggage that you are going to use for your next travel, it is better to remove any previous airline tag to prevent confusion before putting the new airline tag. To easily recognise your checked in baggage, it is better to put identification label/luggage tag given by the airlines in the luggage and if possible, write down also the home address in the case of your baggage is lost. It is more critical to put the airline tag if you travel to different places or in transit to different places Putting the airline luggage tag with numbers or easy identification such as colour tape, ribbon stickers etc will also prevent other traveller to mistakenly take your luggage if in coincidence the baggage looks similar. Check-in luggage should be locked at all time no matter where your travel. Lastly, do make sure that your check in bag are going to the destination of your travelling.

Pack properly, check the flight schedule, get to the airport on time and enjoy your journey! Do not forget to search for cheap hotel deals,calling card deals and web hosting deals

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